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How Much Will It Cost to Replace my Breast Implants?

I had saline breast implants, size c about ten years ago placed under the muscle. They now sag and I would like to replace them. I live in Albany, NY... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350cc Gel High Profile to 275cc Gel High Profile at 4 Months Post Op?

I am 4"11" and now weight 110 lbs. I had a breast augmentation Dec 29th 2010. 350cc gel high profile was placed in my breast. I was a 32A... READ MORE

Breast Implant Change Under Local?

I am wanting to upsize my breast implants. I consulted one PS that said it would be very quick and simple to just swap them via transaxial since no... READ MORE

Bottoming Out Revision Under Local Anesthesia? (photo)

Hello! I am getting a revision in January because my left breast is sitting lower than my right. My doctor said it will be an easy fix under Local and... READ MORE

Safe to Use Tumscent Local Anesthetic for Breast Implant Exchange?

I am a 50 year old woman and had a breast lift/implants 6 months ago. My right breast has now become incapsulated and I am having it taken out along... READ MORE

Mentally Adjusting After Downsizing ...offended PS? (photo)

Downsized w Local after 11mos 450HP-300HP. During past week I so happy then as week progressed I got sad & questioned size w coordinator on phone... READ MORE

Downsizing Breast Implant- How Soon After Initial Surgery? Under Local?

I had augmentation w/Benelli lift, under muscle, to correct mildly tuberous breasts and add some fullness (now 3wks post op). I am very unhappy with... READ MORE

Can an implant swap be done under local anesthesia? (photos)

I had a BA about 5 weeks ago. Healing has gone well. I wanted a very modest BA. Athough I'm happy with the surgeon's work and how natural the outlines... READ MORE

Is local anesthetic typical for augmentation revision? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation 10/17/13. The left implant has settled. However, the right implant is not settling. My PS says to allow 6 more weeks for... READ MORE

Help with exchanging implants for a larger size!!!! Currently have 230 cc HP, thinking about 350 cc. Any suggestions?

I had a lift and implants 6 wks ago. I have known from day 1 that I regret my decision to "play it safe" with smaller implants. I chose to have 230cc... READ MORE

Capsulorrhaphy under local anesthesia?! (photos)

I have assymetry s/p breast aug 4 months post op (transax unders, 405 R, 485 L). My plastic surgeon thinks my left breast(your left as well in pic)... READ MORE

I am 5'10", 145lbs and just went from a 450cc implant to a 750cc implant filled to 800cc. I was expecting a lot more size.

The doctor did a great job and they look excellent but the size is not what I was hoping for. They still do not project out as much as I had hoped. I... READ MORE

Open capsulectomy under local anesthesia?

I had a breast augmentation in March 2015, 500cc silicone under the muscle. My left implant settled nicely, however my right is still sitting high and... READ MORE

Local Anesthesia from over to Under Muscle?

Hi is it possible to go from over muscle to under muscle with local anesthesia? I'm going from 375cc to 600 cc . This is with iv and sedation READ MORE

Replacing a breast implant under local anesthesia - Is it safe? Will it be painful?

I had breast augmentation surgery about a year ago. The left breast is 400cc and the right breast is 325cc, and looks much smaller. I'm going to have... READ MORE

What are my options after having a capsular contraction twice on the left side? How likely am I to have another one?

I had breast augmentation done two years ago and had a capsular contraction on my left side. I had surgery under local anestia to release the capsule.... READ MORE

My surgeon offered under local w/ 1 percocet & 1 xanax to fill my 325cc implants to 375cc & remove scar tissue. Any suggestion?

I had saline implants in August. 7 days later I had a serious artery rupture from lifting something heavy. I had significant blood loss. I have some... READ MORE

Lateral implant displacement. Can revision be done under local sedation?

Had 500-cc implants replaced with 325-cc, over the muscle silicone, almost 3-weeks ago. Experiencing lateral displacement of right breast. How soon... READ MORE

4 month post op. Implant revision under local anesthesia (Photo)

I have 390 CCS in my left breast and 445 in my right, both in 330 bags. My left side is smaller and ripples. So the doc wants to make his work look... READ MORE

Revisión after 6 months of areola breast lift with implants under local anesthesia?

Hello so i had my breast augmentation with areola lift and implant 6 months ago, i was not happy with the results since they look saggy not what i... READ MORE

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