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What Are Side Effects of Implant Leakage from Personal Injury?

Febuary 16th I got saline breast implants. (400cc). March 3rd I was 3rd car stopped,while car was waiting to turn. The car behind me stopped, car... READ MORE

Breastfeeding with a Leaking Saline Implant - Replace with Silicone?

I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old baby. I had saline implants placed under the muscle almost 7 years ago. One implant is deflated due to a... READ MORE

Third Breast Augmentation in 9 Months - What Should I Do? (Photo)

Right implant ruptured 7 months post op. So PS redid both implants. 2nd surgery I noticed small hole w/ leakage in incision. The implant dropped thru... READ MORE

Can a leaking saline breast implant harm a nursing baby?

I had saline implants placed in 1999. In 2002, I had a baby and was successful with nursing. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I keep feeling a funny... READ MORE

During Explant Surgery, How is the Extracapsular Rupture Treated and is All the Leaked Silicone Able to Be Removed?

After an MRI it was discovered that my 12 year old silicone implants were ruptured. I have both intra and extracapsular leakage. I am scheduled to... READ MORE

Lump of Silicone (From Leaking Implant) As Diagnosed by Ultrasound, Should I Be Concerned About Losing Lymph Nodes?

I recently found a fairly large lump in my armpit(grape size). I had a dbl. mastectomy 5 years ago (no radiation, no chemo, no lymph node removal) and... READ MORE

Firbocystic Lumps Found As Well As Saline Leakage

They found 2 fibrocystic lumps as well as saline leakage in the lower quadrant of my left breast. They can not visual see the leak and no rupture.... READ MORE

2003 Mentor Silicone Gel Implants Leaking. How Serious?

My dr is out of state-not an option for me to seek his help due to $/I do not have medical insurance Or access to $ at present time/I have not had... READ MORE

Ruptured Silicon Implant, What Am I to Do?

Im from the UK, I moved to the UNITED STATES 5 years ago. I received a letter saying that the implants that i had been given and many more were in a... READ MORE

My Sister Had Painful Lumpy Implants So She Had Them Replaced, then She Found a Lump in Her Breast?

My sister had her original silicone implants replaced because they were lumpy and contracted. Then she found a lump on her breast, after a mammogram,... READ MORE

My right breast incision is still leaking 4 weeks after breast revision. What could be going on? (photo)

Had a breast revision due to capsular contracture. My left breast incision healed fine while my right breast continued to leak a yellow gooey... READ MORE

What is a reasonable implant replacement cost in Tampa, Florida for deflated saline?

I had breast augmentation Jan 2005, saline, 270cc in S Tampa. One just deflated and leaked out. It is June 2014 so that is 9 years. I will get... READ MORE

I had saline breast implants when I was 42 and I am now 62. Two years ago I got pneumonia and one of my implants leaked.

I was diagnosed with COPD and now am on 5mg prednisone daily. Can I have my inflated breast implant filled with saline again? Would I have to be cut... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the look of my asymmetrical, misshapen breasts? (Photo)

Had modified radical mastectomy on right breast a McGhan reconstructive mammary implant, 630 cc inserted, McGhan 110 Biocell gel implant, size 300 on... READ MORE

How can i tell if my implant is leaking or deflating slowly? (photos)

I got a breast revision on 10/05/2013 because of a ruptured implant. Now im scared that my implant ruptured again my right breast feels full and... READ MORE

Revision - how long should I wait before having this corrected? (Photo)

Hi There, I recently 14/June/16 had a revision after my left breast was leaking but these are the results I've been left with one bigger than the... READ MORE

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