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What is current practice for JP drain removal after strattice augmentation due to prior capsular contracture of one breast?

I had implant removal (3 year old implants ~330cc) with a moderate capsular contracture of only one breast- replaced with approximately same sized... READ MORE

Do my incisions look okay or are they looking irritated due to the surgical bra? (Photos)

Curious to see if this healing is normal or not? I am 4 days post-op and my breasts are looking quite good. But I was just making sure that the... READ MORE

Does this look infected? (Photos)

I am 8 days post op,from explant and mastopexy. One of my insions looks angry to me,I also have a small dog ear at bottom that I was told could happen... READ MORE

Is breast redness after upsizing temporary?

I'm exactly 2 months after BA. I used to have 335 g implants, explanted and chose 525 cc. I am a small A cup naturally. What bothers me is... READ MORE

What am I feeling? A valve, suture string?

A week and a half ago i had a second replacement salibe implant under the muscle. On the bottom side of my breast towards my side theres a long lump,... READ MORE

Sore area with small bump 8 weeks after Mastopexy and BI Revision. Could this be the stitches underneath? (photos)

I am currently 8 weeks post op. I had mastopexy and changed out my implants. Recovery has gone pretty well. I still wash with dial soap however today... READ MORE

Pain/tenderness/swelling in sutures and pain in breast/ribs/muscle(?) 2 years after breast revision/lift with dermamatrix?

Pain in the left breast, right beneath the breast and directy beneath the implant, almost feels like my rib cage. Wearing bras of any kind seem to... READ MORE

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