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Capsulorrhaphy Revision...?

I had a capsulorrhaphy revision done about 6 weeks ago from lateral displacement, bottoming out, and a ruptured implant. What is the chance that the... READ MORE

After Internal Bra (Internal Sutural) Procedure for Synmastia Repair? Does This How It Usually Looks? My Chest is Sore. (photo)

I am 5'0, I am in my early 20s. I had 350cc implanted and I had severe synmastia and bottoming out. READ MORE

Will an internal bra help my breast revision? Cost? (photos)

Am attending consultations with my original ps and I am also getting some other ps opinions. So far I've even told I need a donut lift and internal... READ MORE

What Specific Upper Body Exercises Should I Avoid After a Breast Revision & Capsulorrhaphy? (photo)

I had saline sub-glandular implants replaced with silicone sub-muscular implants, internal bra due to shifting, and liposuction in the axilla/underarm... READ MORE

I have internal bra/stitches and tightening of the pocket causing serious pain. Is this normal healing?

I had a revision done Friday to include internal bra/stitches, tightening of the Pocket increasing the implant from saliene 350 to silicone 500. The... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Redo, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi, I´m 5´7, 120lb, had my ba 1 year ago (325cc sil hp) I have some asymmetry and I`m going to have that corrected soon. My options are 1)... READ MORE

11 days post opt breast augmentation with internal bra. They seem flat and small. Will they drop and fluff? (Photo)

I had breast revision done 11 days ago due to 350 cc saline implants bottoming out after 12 years. My PS recommended 425 cc silicone implants with... READ MORE

What is the best product when having breast redone with Silicone Implants & internal bra Galaflex? Seris scaffold or Strattice?

What is best when having breast redone with silicone implants and internal bra Galaflex, Seris scaffold or strattice which one has been on the market... READ MORE

After Internal Bra Procedure, is It Possible to Remove the Permanent Sutures with Explant?

I had a revision breast aug w/ internal bra a year ago & have decided to explant. Is it possible to remove the internal bra sutures (attached to... READ MORE

Breast Enlargement?

Hi, about 4 months ago I downsize from a 750cc modplus breast to a 590cc ultra high profile implant (cohesive gels). I had a Capsulorrahapy done also.... READ MORE

I'm Trying to Figure out How What my Best Option is for Lateral Displacement? (photo)

Hey, I previously asked about over or unders for 800cc implants. I have 500cc mod+ now and had 650cc hp the first time. I had a capsular contracture... READ MORE

1 Month Post Revision (Internal Bra & Upsize to 410cc) Will Right Implant Drop? (photo)

Will They Look Less Fake with Time? 5"2, 110lbs Had revision (internal bra) 1 month ago for bottom out of left implant. 300cc smooth round mods... READ MORE

Internal Bra procedure, why don't doctors in Canada do this? (Photo)

I had some doctors tell me I have to downsize, yet on Dr. Revis' website it states.." Approximately 40% of patients who undergo the Internal Bra... READ MORE

After an 'internal bra' is fitted is it normal for misshapen breasts within the first few weeks?

I had my first breast augmentation September 2013, I went from a 32A to a 32DD however this year I noticed dropping of one implant, then the other... READ MORE

Will my implants eventually sag with age? Should I consider an internal bra? (photo)

Hi, I had my BA 14 yrs ago, 425cc HP saline unders, 34yrs old now, petite, 5'-0”, 99 lbs. I would like to switch to silicone this year because I b... READ MORE

Any suggestions on holes in breast, uneven nipple, and weird ridges? (Photo)

I had redo 4 months ago. The doctor did internal bra. I feel like they are so tight and painful. I had synmastia and thin skin with low body fat. Now... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Pocket Revision, Crease Made Higher?

I've had implants for 4 years and would like them downsized a LOT and the crease made higher. I have stretchmarks from the implants. I had no tissue... READ MORE

I had a bad Breast Implant Revision, now I have too much tissue on the bottom of my breasts. What are my options? (photos)

AS you can see I have to much tissue on bottom of breasts causing my nipples to show. I told my surgeon this and He was supposed to be the #1 breast... READ MORE

Why did my symmastia repair fail? Symmastia tenting returned (Photo)

I had a repair symmastia/bottoming out. A capsulorrhaphy was done, we downsized, used the same under the muscle pocket and internal bra using seri I... READ MORE

Do I Have Hemotoma in Left Breast? (photo)

My first ba I had 485cc. One of my breasts bottomed out which led me to Ba number 2. 650ft900cc saline. I had an internal bra done on both breasts. I... READ MORE

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