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How long does it take for internal sutures to heal?

I had my implants swapped in October 2013. My left breast tissues were weakened from the surgeon having to "dig out" so much ruptured silicone. My... READ MORE

Can Internal Sutures Create a Fake Look From A Natural One? (photo)

I got 650cc Mentor Mod+ shells overfilled to 800cc, under the muscle, in February 2012. I started with a perky small B cup. I wanted an obviously fake... READ MORE

Bottomed out Even After Internal Sutures.. Am I Just Not a Candidate for a BA? (photo)

First BA (infra incision) in 2007 w/ submuscular silicone (250cc), bottomed out within 3 months on my right side. Explanted, and tried again (2011) w/... READ MORE

Internal Stitches with a Re Augmentation?

I had a re aug today after 12 years from a 260cc to 560cc. In that time I have breast fed two children. Whilst I was still groggy from the op my... READ MORE

Permanent internal sutures - capsulorrhaphy

I am going to have capsulorrhaphy , and an implant exchange (downsizing) in a few months. I have read that permanent internal sutures are necessary.... READ MORE

I May Have Torn Internal Stitiches?

Hi i am 4 days out of breast aug revision of left breast to which i had an internal plication procedure done. During the night i went to get up and... READ MORE

Would Internal Lift and IMF Revision and 385cc Textured Implants help my problem? (photos)

After a periareolar lift with 650cc Ultra High Profile implants which I did not choose. Had explant and Full Anchor Lift. I am left with complete loss... READ MORE

Burning under incision and on rib after fold revison. Possible I tore internal stitches?

Fold revison three weeks ago. All looked got at post op appt. Today I turned and got terrible burning pain from incision to rib below. Hurts to stand... READ MORE

Why do my breasts still look like this after symmastia repair? (photos)

I am 6 days post op from having symmastia correction. I had 600cc implants that had caused the issue and my surgeon has removed them and replaced them... READ MORE

Is my surgeons plan reasonable? Should I insist on him using internal mesh? He keeps saying its too expensive (Photos)

First BL/BA 533 cc 7/14 bottomed out, revision 7/15 700 cc. bottomed out. New surgeon 8/16 520 cc (current) also bottomed out. Serratia Marcescens... READ MORE

What is the cost to fix lateral displacement in left breast, CC on right breast with pain and an internal support? (Photos)

I brought my concerns to my 7 months ago PS , he said the left isn't displaced it is the result of weight loss. But it is increasingly painful, slides... READ MORE

Smaller implants - what is the best way to get a higher placement? (Photo)

I had smooth silicone implants-325 cc 18 months ago. Too large and low for me given small frame-5' and 90 lbs. Am considering replacing with 225-250... READ MORE

No visible change after replacing 300 cc saline implants (14yo with no issues) and internal lift. I'm 5' and 110 lbs

My doctor and I discussed going bigger, changing to silicone and addressing my mild ptosis. She showed me a patient's picture with similar issues /... READ MORE

Is internal stitching in re-augmentation a viable way to provide an uplift? (photos)

I had 300cc high profile silicone implants above the muscle, placed 10 years ago. I lack upper pole fullness and don't like the size of the gap, but... READ MORE

Breast got bigger almost 1 month after initial surgery. Any idea what could cause this? (Photo)

Recently had my breast implants replaced and a internal lift. Ever since last week my right breast has gotten bigger, hard and painful even looks a... READ MORE

If the lift will require cutting around the areolas again, what happens to the scar tissue from the original incision? (Photos)

Will it b raised and possible keloid ...In addition... will I lose the circumference of my Oreo shape...can my 325cc silicone implant itself just be... READ MORE

Symmastia repair: do you sew the skin down to the bone in cleavage? Or do you just hope it reattaches after surgery.

I have lose skin in cleavage after downsizing. I have been told I have symmstia and told I do not have symmstia by different surgeons. All board... READ MORE

Can internal sutures have a negative impact on reimplantation?

I chose to explant after 9 years hopeful I'd accept myself when implant free,which didn't happen therefore I'll be reimplanting in 3-6 months.My... READ MORE

Scheduled for 3rd BA; Will my warranty be voided?

I am going in for my 3rd Breast Aug. I was really hoping my last one in 2014 would be my final BA for years . First, I received 60'cc's more in my... READ MORE

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