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Partial Insurance Coverage for Augmentation Problem?

Bi-lateral augmentation (hopefully surgeon was honest when he said they were saline,) 2/1982. They seemed to hold up well and I am now 57. Took a hard... READ MORE

I Have Capsule Formation and an Internal Rupture, Without Insurance What Are my Rights?

My implants are made by Nagor (the only British make)they introduced a lifetime warranty in Jan 2009, my implants were done in Jan, 2006, nobody... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Breast Asymmetry Correction?

I was diagnosed with congenital breast asymmetry at age 16 (I am now 27) in which I had to have one implant placed in my left breast and a reduction... READ MORE

Is it possible to get revision surgery for Breast Augmentation covered by Health Insurance?

I recently had BA (nearly 3 weeks post op) and my scar line on my left breast has dropped so much and the shape my breast is supposed to have (like... READ MORE

I don't trust that my surgeon can fix his mistake. I have cosmetic insurance that came w/ the surgery. What should I do? photo

I received a small peri-areolar breast lift and implants. I am 21 years old and went from a c to d cup and fixed minor asymmetry. I am currently 8... READ MORE

Will Aetna insurance cover implant removal? I am willing to travel as far as NYC.

I have looked into having my implants removed because of capsular contracture. I know if I have baker grade 3 or 4 insurance will pay for it, it might... READ MORE

Will OHIP Insurance cover my Breast Revision for Bakers grade IV capsular contracture in one breast?

I need to repair CC in my one breast that is very painful. Ideally I would like to replace both of my saline implants from the 90's with cohesive gel.... READ MORE

Will Insurance Pay for Capsular Contracture if I Had a Mastectomy Because of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast?

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction done 19 years ago because of fibrocystic disease of the breast. I'ts been 19 years with no problems butI I now... READ MORE

Ruptured Implant replacement quote.

One of my breast implants has ruptured. I consulted a Surgeon who says that the removal is covered by OHIP but he still quoted me CAD 7,000 for... READ MORE

Impatience or real problem? 2 months 5 days post op revision. Ugly and too big. (photos)

1 breast is 1 inch longer chest to nipple. Surgeon says skin will stretch. Only one going to stretch? He is board certified PS. My colostomy scar... READ MORE

Does insurance usually cover surgery to correct capsular contracture of implant after radiation?

I have had silicone implants for years. I recently had a lumpectomy, and am starting radiation. I worry about capsular contracture on the radiated... READ MORE

Capsular contracture revision - is it covered by Alberta Health Care?

If a revision is needed because of Capsular Contracture, is the cost of the surgery covered by Alberta Health Care. If it is, does it have to be an... READ MORE

I have a referral for grade IV CC and great premera insurance. Are there doctors in Seat/Bell that can help? (Photo)

Lift/implant 9 yrs ago. I have a gr IV caps contr. on my rt side. It is hard to touch with scar tissue and painful. I am age 44. I have silicone gel... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a revision because of asymmetry? I had a breast reduction 5 days ago. (Photo)

I was an E cup and clearly communicated to the surgeon I wanted to go down to a B cup. When I went for my 1st post-op he explained that I have... READ MORE

I have mentor saline implants on Oct 2007. They have ruptured and need to be replaced. Will insurance cover this? (photo)

I cannot afford to pay another $8000 right now but I've heard that the implants are guaranteed, and will be replaced at no cost. Please advise me as... READ MORE

I must have these 40 year old leaking silicon implants removed. Would you have new Implants done or a Lift? (photos)

I can have new implants or a lift but not both because of the money. My insurance is paying for the removal and the capsulectomy. I am 60 years old.... READ MORE

Can an ultrasound detect a ruptured silicone implant?

Hello, I will be going for my mammogram, and an ultrasound. I suspect that my right implant has ruptured do to tenderness upon touching and that it is... READ MORE

I have an intracapsular rupture with pain & I was told nothing can be done. Would gummy bear implants be better for me?

I had reconstruction on both breasts in 2008 & an implant replacement surgery in 2009 & then 2 more surgeries for capsular contracture. For over a... READ MORE

Insurance covered my corrective surgery, would it cover me to go bigger?

I had corrective surgery in November to fix tuberous breast deformity, and it was covered by my insurance. I got anatomical gummy bear implants for a... READ MORE

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