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Bulge After Breast Implants - What Would You Do?

400cc, Mod+, IMF crease, 2 wks. ago. Dual plane. Bulge evident under left breast imm. after getting home :( Not dbl. bbl., implant creating the bulge,... READ MORE

Can Inframammary Fold Be Sutured to Fit Smaller Implant?

If my natural inframammary fold was lowered and the sides of my breasts where made wider to fit the diameter of my 500 gram implants, can they be... READ MORE

Need To Redo BA w/ Silicone After Bottoming Out, Any Advice? (photo)

I had my BA two months ago. (330, silicone, super high profile, submuscular, infra) Now I know my breasts have bottomed out. The doctor said he would... READ MORE

Can I Downsize my 600cc Silicone Implants for 500cc Without a Lift?

I got implant a 3 months ago and I selected 600cc HP but changed the size before the surgery to 500cc HP, telling the doctor the most I would go for... READ MORE

BA revision. Nipples sit low. Do I need a full lift, donut lift? Or just bigger implants and cut pocket deeper? (Photo)

I'm 22yrs 5'5" 160lbs. Athletic. I had a BA in 2011 and have been unhappy since. I have HP 550cc silicone implants w/ inframmary incision. I want... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia/synmastia? (photos)

3rd BA, was 600cc HP saline under the muscle, to 750cc silicone HP above the muscle. left Implant moves and at times is more towards the center. I... READ MORE

Areola Reduction / Breast Implant Revision w/ Lift

It will be 2 years since my breast augmentation in August and I had 450ccs put into each breast under the muscle. Incision through inframmamary fold... READ MORE

Capsular contracture on my left, or implant pocket stretching/too big on right. (photos)

14 months PO/cohesive gel implants/submuscular placement/ifm incision /325 L, 350 R. I am worried that my left is more round and feels/appears larger... READ MORE

Double Bubble/Animation Deformity. 2 correction options. Which one is better? I have 400CC Saline Under Muscle Implants (photos)

I know its hard to tell without being examined. But, I was diagnosed with double bubble/animation deformity by both my surgeon and a 2nd surgeon I saw... READ MORE

IMF Rising Up Along with Swelling Going Down?

Hi Doctors- I am 2 weeks post a breast revision. The crease fold of my right breast (the side where there was pocket work done) has gone up about 3... READ MORE

How much work is entailed in raising the inframammary fold? Is it worth it? (photo)

Had my old 350 cc saline implants recently replaced for a 550 ish cc silicone gel implants (currently 3 months post op). My new implants are about a... READ MORE

Going From 375 to 600cc (Photo)

I have been advised that since my nipple is low and my ideal pics have the nipple high on the breast mound, revision of the pocket will be difficult.... READ MORE

Capsular contracture revision, I am not happy with my results, should I be worried or do I still need time to heal? (Photo)

Orig aug 5/29 350MentorSmoothSilicone, Infram, unders. Loved results till mnth 4, breast were becoming uneven.10/24 diagnosed w/ capsular contracture... READ MORE

Two weeks post-op. VERY asymmetrical breasts. What to do? (PHOTOS)

So i just had my BA 2 weeks ago and i now im noticing that one breast is considerably larger than the other. Ive always had one a little bigger than... READ MORE

Inframammary fold too low? Revision on first breast lift (Photo)

In Jan '16, I had a breast lift w/implant exchange from 304's to 200's gel round. 6 mo. after Jan. surgery, surgeon offered to do a revision. I am now... READ MORE

Will lowering my right inflammatory fold improve symmetry and breast shape? (Photo)

Right inflamatory fold is higher, also nipple is lower. Will lowering the fold to match my left fill out lower pole, lift nipple and improve breast shape. READ MORE

What revision options would be best for me and my complex situation? (photos)

Window shading animation, double bubble, possibly bottoming out, and now pain? Silicone gummy implants & Submuscular BA (12/14/15) results depict... READ MORE

Is the crease incision my best option?

I had my first BA about a year ago, TUBA, under the muscle. I was a 34 B and had 380cc saline and am now a 34D. My right implant was always a little... READ MORE

Double Bubble Revision Adivce- Surgery 12/14/15, Revision appt on 3/15/16, pics taken 2/24/16. Any suggestions? (photo)

I know supra-muscle placement of implants can cause a ripple effect, but is that what I need? I had a short distance from my inframammory fold to my... READ MORE

Can this be fixed? (photos)

Previous BA done in 2005. Didn't notice my uneven inframmatory folds before augmentation. I have recently lost weight and it bothers me more. Now, I... READ MORE

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