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Where's my Nipple Going? (photo)

After 2 severe cases of capsular contracture, both came on less than 6 weeks post surgery, on Dec. 26, 2012 I had both implants removed and full... READ MORE

How can pectoral muscle indents when I flex be fixed? What caused it? (photo)

When I flex the pectoral muscle indents into the breast creating a deformed look. I was told breast have bottomed out and one has capsular contraction... READ MORE

Deep Indentations After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had breast implants in 1991 and after 21 years of enjoying them with no problems they have to be exchanged because rupture after a mammogram. After... READ MORE

Indentation, Will It Get Worse or Better? (photo)

Hi I had a second breast augmentation with a benelli lift revision 3 weeks ago, after 4 days the implants were removed through the crease. Although I... READ MORE

Internal Bra Recovery, From the Side They're Puckered and Dented. Normal?

Hello ,I had revision surgery 1 week ago. I had an internal bra, and replaced 480 cc mod profile with 550 cc HP silicone implants. They are very... READ MORE

Can the scar-tissue be separated from the muscle and not have an indent at the incision sight? (photos)

I had implants put in eight years ago. The muscle adhered to the scar-tissue causing pain when using my arm and an achy feeling most of the time. The... READ MORE

Breast Pocket is Misshapen Due to Rib Placement? (photo)

My 1st BA was in June and right side did not descend. 2 wks ago had pocket revision. Natural right breast was smaller and higher than left. now there... READ MORE

Who is at fault here and please help me...can this be fixed? The emotional toll is about as tough as the physical one (Photo)

Please help me figure out where to begin this is the result of a second augmentation. Who do I turn to the surgeon basically says "everybody is... READ MORE

What do you think of my breast lift (lollipop ) and Silicone round 450 cc Breast Implants? (Photos)

I recently had Reconstructive Breast Lift and remove and replace ruptured silicone implants by the method called Lolipop. My lines are not straight... READ MORE

Will My Breast Even Out? Is It Too Early to See if I Need a Revision Done? (photo)

My breast are uneven after Breast augmentation. I went from 32B to 34D and they are uneven. One is high and the other is low with some indentation. I... READ MORE

My Implants Sit to Far Apart and I Have Indentation in my Right Cleavage? (photo)

First BA 2000 from a 12a to 12c second BA 2012 June due to CC in my right breast had 560cc unders again . When i lay flat the implant falls under my... READ MORE

Am I Bottoming out Why Do I Have Indention and Odd Side Shape when I Raise my Arms? (photo)

I had mastopexy with implants in jan, i wanted a d cup and was barley a c so i had a revision in april, I switched from silicone to saline bec i... READ MORE

Should I be worried about an indent in my breast post surgery? (Photo)

Breast lift with pocket revision, from saline to silicone. READ MORE

Why is my breast Indenting and Buckling, 2 weeks post op? (photo)

I am two weeks post op on my second surgery.My Dr accidentally increased my breast by 100cc when switching my salines to silicone,after 3 months he... READ MORE

I got silicone implants 3 weeks ago, i had saline for 14 years. They look worse now! Will these indents go away? (Photo)

My understanding was that the silicone would have less rippling and look more natural. They look way worse than before and I'm so sad I had them done.... READ MORE

How long does the puckering to fade & breast take on a rounder shape after periareolar lift & implant revision? (photos)

I had a periareolar lift and implant revision/reduction 8 wks ago. I went from a 475 cc implants to 325cc. I love the size and overall shape. However,... READ MORE

Will this indent in my implant correct itself? (Photo)

I had implant removal and replace due to capsular contracture 3 weeks ago. I had 315cc anatomical implants put in. The nurse placed the compression... READ MORE

There is internal stitching, but why is it indented with a fat pocket above it? Will it go away? (Photo)

I'm scared it's going to heal deformed like this, the other side looks nothing like this. READ MORE

I recently had a lift/implant exchange. My left boob looks indented, on the top middle part of my boob. Do I need a revision?

What is the best way to fix this problem?? My doc wanted to go under the muscle, but he was not able to lift it. Before surgery I had 760cc saline... READ MORE

Am I crazy to want my saline implants back after replacing them with silicone implants 3 months ago?

I had high profile round saline implants filled to 430ccs for 12 years. Due to loss of breast tissue, rippling and some indention mid breast, I... READ MORE

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