Incision + Breast Implant Revision

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How Long Before Incision from Breast Augmentation Heals?

I recently had a revision done through crease incision for one side of my breast. Because I have very very thin skin, I am concerned about the breast... READ MORE

What is This Line Beneath my Breast Augmentation Incision?

I am about 3 weeks post op and everything is healing nicely. however, when i stand with correct posture or raise my arms above my head a line appears... READ MORE

How Serious is an Incision Opening 4 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had implants 12 years ago over the muscle and it was amazing. They looked great, recovery was 2 days. They started to look very firm and fake and it... READ MORE

How do I take care of the incisions under my breast after augmentation?

There is a layer of glue over the incision. The doctor said after 1st week wear silicone strips. Are there any stiches that have to be removed? When... READ MORE

Incision Infected 2 Weeks After Re Augmentation? (photo)

2 weeks after my re augmentation (due to PIP) I found a small amount of red/brown gunk coming from incision I got it swabbed and it came back with... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Breast Implant. When Will They Fall Into Place?

I had breast implants replaced 11 days ago. Though my right breast is still swollen. my left implant is riding high. the incisions beneath the breast... READ MORE

I Want to Up the Size on my Saline Implants, Where Would the Incision Be?

I currently have 420cc under the muscle smooth round saline implants. The incision site was through my armpit. I want to get bigger implants (600 or... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scar Tissue & Muscle Flex from the Bottom, What Happened? Options? (photo)

I had breast lift no implant 2 month ago, I have lots of puckering when I lift my breast and somehow when I flex my muscle contract creating an... READ MORE

Areola Incision or Under Breast? Doughnut Mastopexy Necessary? (photo)

6yrs ago I've had a breast augmentation with mentor textured implants 250cc on both breasts submuscular,under the breast incision. I had the snoopydog... READ MORE

2 Weeks post Breast Implant revision I feel pulling under my incision, is this normal? (photo)

Hi, I had my revision 2 weeks ago after a few days I felt like my left breast was going to explode. Now It's very sensitive, I can't lift my arm too... READ MORE

Does Anyone Perform Endoscopic Transaxillary Capsular Contracture Revision?

I had 325 silicone moderate profiles placed under the muscle via the armpit 1 year ago. I have capsular contracture and would like to avoid a revision... READ MORE

Periareolar Vs Inframammary Incision - Silicon Implant Explant with Capsulectomy; Saline Vs. Silicon Replacement?

Dear Doctor, My 15 year old 175cc silicon implants were originally placed under the musule through transaxillary. I am 5"3 113 lb with very little... READ MORE

Can You Perform a Capsullorhaphy with Transax Incision?

I'm in need for a revision to go smaller. Looking for a surgeon who does capaullorhaphies also, can it be done transax? READ MORE

When would it be safe to wear a corset after breast implant revision surgery?

I just had breast revision surgery about 2 1/2 weeks ago, pocket repair only, under the breast incisions. When would it be safe to wear a corset for... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me if my incision looks infected, is necrosed and/or needs debriding, or is it continuing to heal? (Phot

I had breast scar revision 3 wks ago & one of my incisions isn't healing as well as the others or at least not as fast. I've gone to the clinic 2x to... READ MORE

Concerned About Scar Tissue: Re- Entry into the Original Incision Site Thru Arm Pit

I had implants placed in through the arm pit May 2011. The result was a much larger size that I wanted so I am going to have the surgeon go in and... READ MORE

I'm very concerned with my right breast and the bottom fold where my incision line is. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had a revision 7 months ago. I went from a 250cc saline moderate unders to 650cc silicone high profile. On my right breast where the incision... READ MORE

Does my incision site look okay? Should I be doing my breast massage with an open incision? (Photo)

I had new implants inserted 17 days ago because I developed capsular contracture on my left side when I quit breastfeeding my son. 9 days after... READ MORE

Wounds Would Not Close First Time Around, Will This Happen Again?

I Had Breast Augmentation in August, over the Muscle 340 Cc. 5 Weeks Post Op a Blister Appeared in the Incision (Right Side) the surgon checked it out... READ MORE

My First BA Was Done with Armpit Incision Can I Use the Same Spot for 2nd BA?

I am having my PIP implant removed they were done in 2004 via the armpit, 350cc round textured silicone under muscle. I was flat chested before hand... READ MORE

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