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Would switching from 450cc Moderate Plus to 675cc High Profile improve cleavage? (Photo)

I have 450cc Moderate Plus Saline implants. I'm looking to go bigger (675cc) and switching to High Profile to help improve cleavage. Will this only... READ MORE

How much does seri-scaffold cost?

Hi , would you advise the use of Seri-scaffold or another product similar for support in a breast revision that is repairing CC and changing implant... READ MORE

Will going from 500cc to a 750 have less chance of problems with bigger implants since I'm only going 250 bigger? (photo)

I am 5'9 140lbs with current 500cc saline high profile under the muscle. I was a B cup before the 500's. I am a large D now. I here about possible... READ MORE

Will 400cc high profile implants be too big? I had 250cc implants 6 weeks ago and they are without doubt too small. (Photo)

I had 250cc implants 6 weeks ago and they are without doubt too small. I'm considering an implant exchange to 500 cc high profile (sub muscular) give... READ MORE

I have HP saline 465cc size 34D, want to exchange for silicone to achieve 34DD. How many silicone cc will be required? (photo)

I have had the HP saline implants for 10 years and have noticed that the right breast is lower and seemingly smaller than the left and also the left... READ MORE

Why is my right breast implant higher than the left? (photos)

I had implant exchange surgery 5 weeks ago. The old implants were saline (360cc). The new implants are high profile silicone (425cc). Both sets of... READ MORE

4 months post op, I had a implant exchange. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

This is my results 4.5 moths post op. I had an implant exchange (330cc saline to 450cc silicone) I am so very disappointed with my results -- as you... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Revision Implant Exchange from 350cc mod+ to 425cc hp result in a noticeable difference? (photos)

BWD is 12.5, 5'4",125 lbs 28" rib cage Would a hp 425cc implant have the same "look" as my current 350 mod + I would like more volume? Is this the max... READ MORE

Is there a difference in look switching from saline high profile to cohesive gel ULTRA high?

I have 550ccs HP saline right now and exchanging them for 650 UHP Cohesive gel by Mentor.Will I see any different at all? READ MORE

Did I massage too hard after Capsulotomy (2nd one), or is this outer/underside of breast swelling (no bruising) normal? (photo)

I had my 10day post of from capsulotomy(2nd one I've had on left) and implant exchange(175cc saline to 300saline).I have been instructed to massage,... READ MORE

Would over filled saline give me round look and upper pole fullness? (photo)

I currently have 375cc and 400cc silicone under .Im not happy with them .they look too natural and a little bit saggy to you think switching to... READ MORE

Can I downsize my implants without a breast uplift? (Photo)

I have 260cc implants, low profile overs with slight CC in one breast. Is it possible to have implants removed and replaced with smaller implants; I... READ MORE

Should I Change to Smooth & Change Profile? (photo)

I have 500cc HP Cohesive II which are more firm than regular cohesive. I wanted smooth! During op surgeon decided to give me firm textured as he said... READ MORE

Will my left breast stay the way it is after my implant exchange? (Photo)

I got my breast exchange 3 days ago and he went in and tighten the pocket up to lift my breast back in place after having my daughter my breast... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy and implant exchange? Will this procedure help me gain a little cleavage? (Photo)

I'm 5 months post op with 400cc silicone dual plane implants. 5'4" and an athletic 125 pounds. I've been concerned for a while about the way my... READ MORE

Can an implant swap be suitable from above muscle to below, w/o revision? Any idea what is happening with these implants?(Photo)

I always knew there was a position problem with my implants but now I see how bad it is. 12 years ago I did not do my due diligence picking a... READ MORE

Could T Junction Wound Separation ever be the Doctor's fault? (photo)

I had a lift dual plane with implant exchange - 400cc saline. I have large T junction wound separations. I am under great care, taking antibiotics... READ MORE

What is your opinion on my bilateral total capsulectomy with implant exchange and lollipop breast lift surgery? (photo)

I would like to get a second opinion on the size of my areolars, as they appear to me to be different sizes. I would also like to have an opinion of... READ MORE

Why is my breast revision going to cost from 14,000 - 17,000?

I know I live in one of the higher cost of living states ( Hawaii ) But I was shocked at the quotes for a revision !! This is double what an original... READ MORE

Permanent internal sutures - capsulorrhaphy

I am going to have capsulorrhaphy , and an implant exchange (downsizing) in a few months. I have read that permanent internal sutures are necessary.... READ MORE

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