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Breast augmentation advice feel sagging and heavy after 7 weeks

Hi I had breast augmentation done. I had teardrop shaped implants removed which were 280g right breast and 335g left breast.  I had them removed... READ MORE

Any suggestions on holes in breast, uneven nipple, and weird ridges? (Photo)

I had redo 4 months ago. The doctor did internal bra. I feel like they are so tight and painful. I had synmastia and thin skin with low body fat. Now... READ MORE

Hole in Base of my Mastopexy Incision?

I had a Mastopexy with implant exchange 4 weeks ago. After 3 weeks my right breast started to drain serosanguinous fluid at the base of the incision.... READ MORE

So many problems. I have a hole on my right breast (Photo)

I have posted my surgery details here before and last one more problem. apart from assemetry that is all wrong I have a hole on the scar on my right... READ MORE

Had 2nd set of breast implants March 3rd 2016. Black hole in the incision that is leaking clear fluid. (photo)

My right implant has been achy on and off.. Saturday I woke up, in a lot of pain.implant was swollen and hot to touch I had a low grade fever 100.4 I... READ MORE

6 months post op Mastopexy & Implant exchange, I have asymmetry, severe scarring, and pain. Is this normal? (photo)

In late March of this year I had a mastopexy with implant exchange. Holes developed in the left incision. I have a large, thick scar on the left,... READ MORE

Can I get bad breast implants and lift repaired?

I had a breast lift and implants 8 months ago I did everything and went to every appointment I woz asked to but naw I have very thick scars with what... READ MORE

I got and implant removed, how much time should I wait to get a new one back?

I got a breast augmentation in August. The right breast 'rejected' the stitches a few days before it was scheduled, but everything looked okay... READ MORE

Tiny hole from seroma, second time. What could keep causing it? (photo)

First surgery June 22, developed a seroma leaked through incision did two culture no infection went to infectious diseases doctor to make sure I... READ MORE

Any concerns with my scar? (photos)

I was in a car crash and ruptured an implant! I had them replaced early Jan! My right breast took nearly 2 hours to correct due to trauma. Yesterday I... READ MORE

Had second saline replacement surgery. Is my result messed up? (Photo)

2005 got saline implants, 2013 left implant popped (caused by a cavity created during surgery on the right side of left breast),2014 I finally got... READ MORE

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