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Hematoma Without Bruising or Pain?

I am 4 1/2 weeks post revision w/implant exchange to silicone. Full capsulectomy on right and pocket revision on left. History of pstosis, opted... READ MORE

What if Breast Hematoma Goes Untreated?

I am 6 weeks post op. i have a diagnosed hematoma under 1 breast that caused capsular contracture. Had lot of bleeding on one side post op, then... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

Orig implants 1-27-11,Capsulectomy R side 10-14,bleeding stopped via surgery 10-17,random hematoma 200ccs of blood/fluid removed 12-21,Staph R... READ MORE

How Long Will Antibiotic Take to Clear a Staph Infected Hematoma After Breast Augmentation?

Implants were replaced 3 wks ago. Deveolped a hematoma a week after surgery. They installed a drain. Days later I have a fever and the doctor removes... READ MORE

23rd surgery, 2nd day post op. Face mainly and arms hot & flushed. Anesthetic reaction? Antibiotics reaction? Hematoma again?:(?

I was discharged yesterday, after having capsulectomy on right breast and new implants to replace pips. My face is constantly hot and flushed,so are... READ MORE

Is my Breast Hematoma Being Treated Correctly? (photo)

I have several pictures of my breasts posted from my last question. I have undergone 2 surgeries within 2 months. After my 2nd surgery my breast was... READ MORE

Worried About Contracture from Hematoma

I had BA done about 13 days ago. My left breast is higher, very hard, swollen, significantly bruised (suspect for a hematoma - should I request an... READ MORE

Infection after multiple capsulectomies and a hematoma?

I had 2 open capsulectomies on my right breast 6 months apart. The second time PS did an implant exchange from smooth to textured. About a week and a... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Hematoma Following Implant Exchange? (photo)

Suffered an acute hematoma almost 2 wks after implant exchange and areola reduction on 1/17(right breast). After 2 days hematoma was surgically... READ MORE

Is an Implant Revision in my Near Future? Possible Muscle Contraction? (photo)

I had surgery on 10/23/12 for breast aug. this would be my second breast aug. I explanted due to my left implant capsulating do to a hematoma, they... READ MORE

Hematoma on Right Breast?

I am three weeks post-op from breast reduction/lift/implant exchange. On day 10 I saw my plastic surgeon and he informed me I had a small hematoma... READ MORE

5 months post op, my breasts looks weird. Do I have a capsular contraction? (photos)

Originally I had 550CC silicone implants and decided to go down to 325cc. Unfortunately, following the surgery I had a hematoma in my right breast... READ MORE

My hematoma can heal by itself or I should request a ultrasound and drain it? (Photo)

I had a revision 650 hp for fixed one slightly constricted breast 30 min after my ba I was bleeding from horrible blisters around my breast, I have... READ MORE

Do I Have Hemotoma in Left Breast? (photo)

My first ba I had 485cc. One of my breasts bottomed out which led me to Ba number 2. 650ft900cc saline. I had an internal bra done on both breasts. I... READ MORE

Hematoma I Think, 1 Month Post-op - What's Next Step? (photo)

1 wk post-op (Lift/implant exchange) the left breast was larger/firmer, 2 ultrasounds detected no blood. 3 wks post-op lots of bruising, still... READ MORE

Seroma vs. Hematoma and Reopening incision?

I am 8 days postoperative of bi-lateral reaugmentation. Last few days the left breast became tender & larger in size. At apt ps noticed & sent me for... READ MORE

Blood clot heamatoma 11 days post op after revision surgery, (Photo)

Hi can someone tell me how this has occurred? I had revision surgery to correct my bottoming out implants. Had my op on 9th April Suddenly yesterday... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implant Reinserted, 275cc, Swelling Went Down 1 Wk Post Op but Started to Swell a Little Second Wk, Any Advice?

Developed hematoma, and then infection on one side, after a BA w/ lift revision surgery. The infection was so severe that even after antibiotics... READ MORE

Will my breasts be a normal shape? (photos)

Had revision surgery on my breasts as I had waterfall deformation,my surgeon did an implant exchange and gave me the poly tech implants,I went for... READ MORE

2-weeks post-op Capsulotomy - painful and hard bottom of breast. Is something wrong? (Photo)

I had a capsular contracture in the left breast and had a capsulotomy done as part of a breast implant revision surgery. I'm concerned because all... READ MORE

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