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Massaging to Improve Shape of Implant After Exchange Surgery?

I had expander/implant exchange one month ago. The shape of the implants worries me because they look unnatural and square instead of rounded. Will... READ MORE

Double Capsule/late Seroma 2.5 Years Post Op Breast Augmentation?

Hi doctors. I have somewhat of a rare complication. I had 354cc cohesive gel textured implants over the muscle 2.5 years ago. I had zero complications... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my left breast is noticeably smaller, harder, and 'stiff'. Do I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op and as you can see by pics my left breast is noticeabley smaller and harder and 'stiff'. My right breast almost feels like my own... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op for Removal/replacement Pip Implants and Think I May Have Capsular Contracture?

At 5 weeks post op i had cellulitis, my left breast is higher and much harder than the right that feels completly normal. I cannot lift my left arm... READ MORE

Breast Revision? (photo)

I had breast augmentation a month ago and a couple of days after the procedure my breast were looking deform and hard. one was higher then the other... READ MORE

Is It Worth Replacing Implants with Capsular Contracture? (photo)

My breasts are 15 years old. After having kids (2 in last 5 years they are hard). Should I get them cleaned out and replaced with new implants (same... READ MORE

Right Implant Falls into Armpit, It's Soft; The Left is Very Hard and It Seems to Have Stayed Very High. Surgery? (photo)

My surgeon has set a date for this upcoming Febuary. I'm very unhappy with my BA and more so that I will have to undergo surgery once more. Should I... READ MORE

Why have I got this thick hard ribbon starring after my scar revision surgery? (photo)

Radiates from areola down past ribs to my stomach. I expwanted Sept 2012 through areola causing my nipples to cave in. They slightly improved over a... READ MORE

My implant is riding high can it be capsular contracture again? (photos)

I am 11 weeks post op with my revision surgery for capsular contracture I developed from a blood vessel rupture with my first surgery which I got... READ MORE

Revision to fix ripples & CC with Gummy Bear didn't work - ripples still, CC forming. Re-revision scheduled. Suggestions?(photo)

Thin & little tissue, 13.5cm wide Previously had mentor smooth round medium height / moderate plus 450cc. Ripples in the R, CC in L due to hematoma.... READ MORE

It is normal for the breast with hematoma, post surgery, to constantly ache and continue swelling with hardness? (Photo)

I had my 15 year old implants replaced with Saline. 480cc, 44 yrs old, 2 older children, 118lb. 5'4. The right breast with the hemotoma is aching and... READ MORE

Switched out 850cc saline for 685cc gummy bears with small lift. Now they look flat and torpedoed?

Being my third breast implant op, first one lasted 20 years over muscle, then 5 years ago switched over to 850 saline. Well one side was becoming hard... READ MORE

Can I get new implants (larger) and a breast lift in a single surgery?

I have wanted to update my implants for a very long time. Now, with capsular contracture, I know that I have to have my implants redone. It has also... READ MORE

My implants are 19 years old .They have turned rock hard. Sore. Misshapen. Corners and square like appearances (photo)

I paid thousands in mullingar hospital for these. I would rather die than have no chest. I suffered enough for that for years. Can I get new implants... READ MORE

Left breast feels hard?

Hi i had my left silicone breast implant removed and replaced because i had a tear in the first one i had some scar tissue removed and the implant was... READ MORE

I'd like to replace my teardrop implants for round again,how do I make sure I pick the right surgeon 3rd time around.Suggestion?

TripleA natural breast. I had 290cc round 4 13 years, replaced with 425cc teardrop, both surgeries under muscle. Various issues, ripples &... READ MORE

I am 37 and have submuscular tear drop implants, capsular contracture, and would like to go smaller? (Photos)

I have little tissue coverage. I've had 3 ops during 17 years (2 to correct capsular contracture). 8 years ago I had textured tear drop implants under... READ MORE

Hard painfull BA 21 days after. What should I do? (photos)

I had my BA done in March 10th. Doctor told me they came out beautiful. 4 hours later I was back in emergency surgery with a hematoma and had both... READ MORE

I have old implants with capsular contracture. Could they be changed for B-Lites tear shaped implants in Canada?

I have Meme 1971 silicone over the muscle with capsular contracture. I am tired of the hardness and I want results as natural as possible; I am afraid... READ MORE

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