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Using the Same Implants After Capsular Surgery and Fat Grafting?

I had a breast lift with 375 cc silicon implants. The past 3 months my right breast got hardened and hardened. my original surgeon is uncooperative .... READ MORE

Can I Have 1 Breast Implant Removed and Replaced?

I have one implant that is ruptured the other one is fine. i have had implants about 36 years no problem. the one that is deflated dont bother me, its... READ MORE

Having revision due to infection causing tissue to harden: Is replacing the implant the solution? (Photos)

I'm 5 months post op, noticed several weeks ago that my right breast is slightly firmer and sits much higher on my chest than my left. My doctor... READ MORE

Cost in Bay Area, California for Reconstruction? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery about 10 years ago, and have had no issues for all these years. In the last week or so, my left breast has felt... READ MORE

Overnight Hardened Breast? (photo)

I've seen doctor,got antibiotics,pain is gone but breast is still bigger and hard.Just feel discomfort if i lay onto my breast-feel pressure and if i... READ MORE

BA with Becker Textured Implants Have Hardened?

I want to have my Becker implants exchanged with smooth silicone gel implants. My implants were always firm but now they feel like a piece of cement;... READ MORE

Constant pressure on bottom left boob with aching & hardening around areolas when in bra 10 weeks post. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had an implant exchange due to rupture. Went from textured teardrop to smooth round. Areoles ache and have hardening when wearing a bra and left... READ MORE

Have had implants for 10yrs and after 8yrs my left breast started to harden and change shape. (Photo)

After having implants for 10yrs my left implants(your right) started to harden and change shape after about 8 yrs , which I'm presuming is capsular... READ MORE

What if surgeon refuses another revision?

After fifth revision as seen in picture I dwnloaded ive had four different lots of implants the fourth lot had a special coating which suited me as... READ MORE

I've had my silicone implants over the muscle for 30 years. In my case would it be alright to not remove enbloc? (Photos)

For 27 years I had no problems at all! The last 3 years I've had my right breast harden in areas! I've been told that a doctor could remove implants... READ MORE

Left breast hardening 3.5 months post op exchange of bilateral saline to gel implants and right capsulotomy (Photo)

I have been doing great until just a few days ago when my left breast started to become sore and harden some. In worried I'm beginning to form a... READ MORE

Why is one implant hard and fake looking, while the other is soft and natural?

I had breast implant for 30 years with great super results. But, with time,as the implants got smaller and saguing, l decided to have another one (at... READ MORE

Expert recommendations for BA with scoliosis and 3rd CC?

1st ba in 2000 saline textured implants. I have scoliosis with rods on the sides of my spine. My right breast is smaller than my left about a cup size... READ MORE

Can anyone give me any advice of whats going on. What should I do I never heard of this happening?

Can anyone tell me what I can do I was also upset with size. Its been 4 months after surgery. I had revision surgery after capsular contracture had... READ MORE

My right breast had capsular hardening, I got both breasts redone, in a smaller size.

I have noticed , four weeks after surgery that my right breast is lower and much softer than my left. My Dr said since he removed the hardness in the... READ MORE

Left breast still high after 6months post-op. (Photos)

I originally had my 1st breast augmentation 4 years ago this coming August. I was an 36A and went to 36C. I had a child in 10/2015 and breast fed and... READ MORE

Is it normal to get breast tissue on both breast after having 2nd breast augmentation ? (photos)

2 yrs ago I went in for a BA & tummy tuck. After 6months I noticed that my Left breast looked & felt bigger and very hard. I couldn't wear cute top or... READ MORE

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