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Hematoma Without Bruising or Pain?

I am 4 1/2 weeks post revision w/implant exchange to silicone. Full capsulectomy on right and pocket revision on left. History of pstosis, opted... READ MORE

Can I Remove Textured Implants and Very Hard Breasts After 4 Months? (photo)

I have 500 cc under the muscle silimeds textured implants.. its been 4 months and they are very hard.. i didnt have much breast tissue.. i was a c cup... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Capsulorrhaphy - Severe Pain and Hard Spot?

I am 5 weeks post revision breast surgery. I had capsulorrhapy revision surgery & 240cc implants. I was AA befoe surgery and small B post surgery.... READ MORE

Is 5 1/2 Weeks Too Early for Cc? What else Could It Be?

I've had 4 surgerys.1st an augmentation,the 2nd & 3rd due to cc in the left breast & the 4th surgery cc in the right breast.The 4th... READ MORE

Replicon 325 Silcone W/ Polyurathane Cover- How Firm Is Firm?

Here is my question, How firm is firm? How do I know if I needto get them replaced? I feel that my left one is getting hard but not sure, would my... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, my left breast is noticeably smaller, harder, and 'stiff'. Do I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op and as you can see by pics my left breast is noticeabley smaller and harder and 'stiff'. My right breast almost feels like my own... READ MORE

Capsular Contraction in Breast Second Time Around?

I got my first breast augmentation 5 years ago with 250 cc gel implants. I soon after got capsular contraction in both breast. After 4 years I changed... READ MORE

Breast Implants Replaced While Awake and Without the Use of EPI? (photo)

I had breast augmentation done 10 yrs ago. Ten days post-op I hemorrhaged and therefore I developed capillary contraction. I have since had two more... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Breast Implant Repair if I Have Had Them for over 30 Years?

I was told it is called capsulated. It is very hard and sometimes discomfort. It is also emotionally debilitating as I am aware of it 24 hours a day.... READ MORE

How Soon Should I Start Singulair After Capsulectomy?

I got my first breast augmentation 5 years ago with 250 cc gel implants. I soon after got capsular contraction in both breast. After 4 years I changed... READ MORE

2 Weeks Since Revision to Go Bigger. Left Breast Feels Harder, and Painful. Is This Capsular Contracture?

I Had my Breast Done 5 Years Ago(390cc) Now I Decided to Go Bigger(510cc) Its Now Been 12 Days Since my Surgery and my Right  is fine but my left... READ MORE

Sientra 425 teardrop implant reverse snoopy deformity? (Photo)

I am about 3 1/2 months from implant replacement with 425cc sientra teardrop cohesive gell implants. They look pretty good standing up but my right... READ MORE

Scar Tissue on Areola a Result of Multiple Procedures?

I've had several different breast implants. First saline, later silicone, followed by revision surgery on the one breast to create more of a gap... READ MORE

4 months post op augmentation/lift. Muscle under breast is very hard and uncomfortable. (photos)

I had surgery 4 months ago. Still very soar under the breasts and despite massage the muscle along the line of the insertion is thick and hard. The... READ MORE

What are the ways you can mess up your Strattice? Do's and donts with strattice? Did my doctor go to rough 1 week post op?

I had revision one week ago he did great, but my left was a little lower and softer. My right was higher up and had pain and felt hard. He had removed... READ MORE

Using a New Dr. After 1st Surgery?

Had implants 9 years ago. The results were less than I expected. Now I am having problems with pain and hardening. Should I consult with original Dr.... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Breast Implant Revision and Left Breast is Hard and Right Breast is Soft?

Left breast is still really hard, and my right breast is so soft that I can't even feel an implant, my right also looks like there is more implant... READ MORE

Breast Revision 2 Weeks Ago Because of Hard Capsule, Still Hard?

I Had a Hard Capsule in my Left Silicon Implant, Just Had Them Redone 2 Weeks Ago, my Left One is Still Very Hard, Was the Scar? Breast READ MORE

Negative Breast Lift/Reduction Experience - What can be done? (photos)

7 months post UBL, no upper pole fullness, nipples too high, horizontal scars not in the infra mammary fold. I removed implants, asked for a... READ MORE

2-weeks post-op Capsulotomy - painful and hard bottom of breast. Is something wrong? (Photo)

I had a capsular contracture in the left breast and had a capsulotomy done as part of a breast implant revision surgery. I'm concerned because all... READ MORE

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