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Breast Implant Revision to 700CC Gels

I Am 5.8 and a 145 Lb  550cc Silcone and Want to Get 700cc Gels Good Idea or not i dont want them to sag . i want them to look fuller on top . i... READ MORE

I Have a 335cc Cohesive Gel Implant, and I Want to Go Bigger.

I have a 335cc cohesive gel implant. I find that the gel size are smaller than the saline size,is that true?. All my friends had saline implant put... READ MORE

Cohesive Gel Exchange Worth It for More Natural Feel?

Had breast implants in 1995 at the age of 23 for very small breasts. Underwent sub muscular augmentation with tear drop saline implants to make me a B... READ MORE

Can Injection Breast Gel Be Remove and Replace with Silicon/saline?

I am 37 yrs old,from oversea.10 yrs ago I went for breast implant because I have unbalance breast size but I woke up with just gel injection so they... READ MORE

What Type of Revision May Be Necessary?

Hi, It is most of the doctors opinion here that I may need an inferior release in order for my 325cc mod+gel implants to drop more after submuscular... READ MORE

Implant Reduction Surgery - Benefits, Risks, Expectations?

In October 2007 I got Mentor Gel implants. I am a full D cup and wish I was a full B/small C cup. I am 5'7", 132 lbs. slightly... READ MORE

Capsular Contraction in Breast Second Time Around?

I got my first breast augmentation 5 years ago with 250 cc gel implants. I soon after got capsular contraction in both breast. After 4 years I changed... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Implant Revision

Saline gel implants over the muscle. was thinking a partial under the muscle. however its the scars that bother me the most around the nipple. So im... READ MORE

Will 550 Gel Implants Look Okay and Natural?

I am 28 years old and I have 475cc saline implants in both breast and I would like to go to 550 in either saline or gel. Would I still look natural. I... READ MORE

Why Am I Getting Rippling W/ Silcone Gel Under Muscle and Allomax for Br Revision?

Cap contract 2x 1st w/475 silgel submusc,2nd x 425,3rd reused 425High co/gel w/allomax. 3wks post opp.Good but some rippling on top between breasts... READ MORE

6wks ago bilateral displacement of L implant & scalloping of overfilled R implants. HP, gel, now need another revison. (Photo)

Revision 6 wks ago for bilateral dis L implant I had 550 saline filled 625cc and R implant 550 filled to 675cc. I downsized w/silicone gel hp implants... READ MORE

650cc Implants and Benelli Lift 9 Years Ago - Revision Suggestions?

I had 650cc gel implants and a Bennelli lift done 9 years ago. I am interested in having the overall size reduced and to lift and reshape my breasts.... READ MORE

BA revision, but wants to go bigger (A to full D) (Photo) Revison: 13sept 2014, 600ml mentor gel... READ MORE

My Ultra Sound Has Shown I've Ruptured my Gel Implant?

Im a fitness trainer what excersises could I have done that could have caused this damage? What other factors are behind implnt rupture READ MORE

I know everyone panics during their first weeks. Does this look normal? I am worried about the flatness at the nipple. (Photo)

I am one week post removal of leaking gel implants, replace with gel implants, both over the muscle since it had been so long that he could not go... READ MORE

Confused about size! Having a revision to increase size after 4th baby. Currently a 275cc.

Going with gel under the muscle. Bwd i 12. 5'7 and 125 lbs. ps says to go with 435cc or 500cc. Will 435 be a noticeable change? I am nervous of the... READ MORE

Can Polyurethane Implants be replaced with softer Smooth Gel Implant, while leaving just Polyurethane coating in place?

As my surgeon has mentioned, this will give benefits of lowered cc and the softer feel that i desire. I already have the PURE implants inserted and am... READ MORE

I am 42, 5'10 and an honest 148 pounds! Pretty fit. Have 9 yr old 360cc saline implants! Want 700cc gel. Any suggestion? (photo)

Replacing my saline for Gel. On my frame... Worried I'll look super fake. How can I find out what I will look like? READ MORE

Does the scarring look normal 6 weeks post op? (photos)

49 years old. 2 years ago I had lollipop lift with 330 CC moderate gel implants behind the muscle.. Six weeks ago I had revision surgery with full... READ MORE

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