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I Currently Have 360cc Saline Implants, I Am Having my BA in 9 Days. My Doctor Recommended 500 or 500c? (photo)

I am currently a small c and i wish to be no larger than a small d.I am 5'9 130 pounds.I had my previous BA in 2005 through a armit incision.My... READ MORE

5'2, 118lbs, Went B-C cup with 360cc, Would Like 100cc more High Profile. Is This A Good Size?

I'm 5'2 and weigh 118 pounds. I started as a small B cup and got 360 CC moderate profile implants about 5 months ago and I am not happy with... READ MORE

5 weeks post op. Breast replacement 620 cc to 360 cc and breast lift. My breast do not look right. (Photo)

I am Post op 5 weeks. My breasts feel way to low and not enough top pole fullness. I noticed the underneath of my breasts have creases and are hanging... READ MORE

Breast Reduction After Lift and Breast Implants? (photo)

Hello, I'm very disappointed with the size of my breasts, I used to be a 32D now I'm a 32DDD. I was hoping for a C cup because my breast were very... READ MORE

I hate my breasts post op. Should a new dr do the revision and should it be done ASAP before my muscle and skin heels? (Photo)

My breasts don't look any better post op and are droopy and basically don't even look like I had any implant put in, I wanted upper pole fullness and... READ MORE

Is 590cc ultra high profile too big for me? (Photo)

Hi. I had my first breast augmentation May 1, 2015, about 8 months ago. I was originally 34a and got 400cc uhp silicone implants. I did get a... READ MORE

Revision Worth It? Will This Increase Upper Pole Fullness and Projection?

I am 5 ft, 7 inches, 135 pounds - I currently have Mentor 450 cc's, HP silicone, Unders. I'm very unhappy with lack of projection and seriously... READ MORE

Will I be able to feel the sling used in breast augmentation?

I am considering a sling when going in to have my breast lift/implants revised. Will I feel the sling when palpating the breast? I'm also wondering if... READ MORE

Breast Uplift Removal Replacement and Size Query? (photo)

I want Fake looking not natural boobs - extra high profile - full upper poll, around 700cc 6.5 projection and 13.9 diameter - in eurosillicon book... READ MORE

My implants are way too large and a need revision.Would Silicone Low profile be a good solution for me or "Gummy Bear"? (photo)

It's been 5 years since I had breast surgery. I wanted to be a D cup which was the biggest mistake! I have 550cc Silicone Moderate Plus. My right... READ MORE

I have 510 cc implants and I'm 5'8". How many cc do I need to get a full look? (photo)

I got 510 cc I am 5 8 tall . Doctor told me this was a big implant and I will be a dd cup. . My Brest look small , I am a . I want big boobs that have... READ MORE

Will a breast augmentation revision with 100cc increase in HP give me much more fullness?

I currently have 250 silicone moderate plus profile. I want to go larger but my PS says anything larger than 350 silicone will risk "double bubble".... READ MORE

I am wanting to have my breast implants changed to a larger size. What size should I get? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation almost one year ago and I am unhappy with the size. I feel my breasts are still small. I am 28, 5ft 7 and 126lbs. Bra size... READ MORE

Looking to exchange current 650cc HP silicone natrelle to 800cc UHP silicone? (Photo)

Current meas: 14.5d 34" ribcage, hoping to remove 650cc HPs for 800cc UHP. No current complications & have no sagging where a lift is needed. Does... READ MORE

Breast Revision (4 Months Post Op) (Under Muscle)? (photo)

Breast revision in a month time! so now i have Allergan SSF 335 and the results did not come as good! ps will put Allergan SSF 435 implanted, will i... READ MORE

Considering downsizing my 500cc, moderate plus, silicone implants. I am petite, 5'1, 110lbs, 34 A pre-op. (photos)

Ever since my BA 2 years ago I have felt that this size does not suit me. I hate all the upper pole fullness and my right implant sits higher than the... READ MORE

Is 550-600 to Much or Not Enough? Moderate or Moderate Plus?

Pre BA 36 large C to small D, post BA full D, small DD. 350cc overfilled to 370 saline unders moderate profile and anchor lift. This implant did not... READ MORE

6 weeks post revision: Will the fullness on the upper pole move down? (Photo)

Hi I had a redo 6 weeks ago after a capsular contracture on the right breast. My surgeon also did some changes to the pocket to lower mY breast that... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Inspira vs style 15?

I'm 5'9" and 120lbs super thin build. My PS wants to put in 345 SRM inspira's. I want a super natural/ tear drop shape. I'm concerned that they will... READ MORE

My PS recommends to do a revision surgery using Strattice to correct stargazing nipples & bottoming out. Any suggestions?(photo)

I had revision surgery 2yrs. ago to address the star gazing nipples, bottoming out, and increasing the breast size a little for more fullness. This... READ MORE

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