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Breast Implant Redo - Will Larger Implants Look Higher and Fuller?

I have had these current breast implants 425cc Saline for about 14 years. I feel they are too low for my taste. There is nothing wrong with the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision to 700CC Gels

I Am 5.8 and a 145 Lb  550cc Silcone and Want to Get 700cc Gels Good Idea or not i dont want them to sag . i want them to look fuller on top . i... READ MORE

Re-Augmentation 320cc/335cc Saline to 500cc Gel Silicone? (photo)

12 years ago had Breast Augmentation (320cc/335cc; Saline Filled). Although I have no complaints with the results, I always regretted not going bigger... READ MORE

Want Higher, Rounder, Fuller Look - What Size Implants Should I Get?

I currently have 400 cc moderate plus Mentor implants placed about a year ago. I had the crecent mastopexy done at the same time. I have been unhappy... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision Surgery - How to Explain to Doctor What I Want?

I had a breast lift with saline implants on 5/25/10. I specifically wanted my fuller breast with my nipples more in the center of my breast and more... READ MORE

Revision: will a 300cc tear drop high profile give me a natural and fuller look? I have 240cc now but it feels small. (Photo)

I'm 32 , mother of 2 kids , 5 feet 95 pound, I recently had breast done two months ago 240 cc tear drop moderate profile , i was 32 aa before, now 32b... READ MORE

Fuller breast?! I am 5'5 140lbs, my ba was May 2014. I was a very small A, now I am 34DD. (photos)

I am 5'5 140lbs, my ba was May 2014. I was a very small A, now I am 34DD. I am happy with my size but my breast have no fullness without a bra and are... READ MORE

What Implant Profile Will Give Me a Bigger Fuller Look?

Hello, I had my first breast augmentation last year but am very unhappy with the size result.. however my doctor did an excellent job otherwise..My... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Won't Do Anything to Help Me After 3 Months of Having a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had a removal/replacement with silicone implants with location change to under the muscle, about 3 months ago. I had concerns with lack of fullness... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Breast Augmentation w/ lift. Should I start contemplating a revision to correct sagging? (photos)

I had a breast lift (when I asked what type I was told "just a lift") with 250 cc unders.The right side seems substantially larger, fuller, and... READ MORE

Revision for Capsular Contraction, Scars, Nipples, Fullness, Etc? (photo)

Recommendations for 2nd BA? Have 375cc saline filled to 375. Have capsular constraction, ugly scars. I want to 1) treat cap contrac, 2) revise scars,... READ MORE

Could I Go for a Moderate Plus Profile Implant ?

Having implants replaced after 13 years due to rupture. On the whole happy with shape and size, however noticed my breasts sit wide naturally and i... READ MORE

Areola Incision or Under Breast? Doughnut Mastopexy Necessary? (photo)

6yrs ago I've had a breast augmentation with mentor textured implants 250cc on both breasts submuscular,under the breast incision. I had the snoopydog... READ MORE

Does 1600cc silicone implants will be too projected on me? Will it be too big? ( i don't like the feel of saline implants)

Hello,I'm 6'2 and I already have breast silicone breast implants implants (500cc, low profile,15,3/ 4.2cm),too narrow for me. I want a fuller breast,... READ MORE

Periareolar vs lollipop lift. Which would be better for perkier, fuller breasts? 32DDD, 525cc moderate profile implants. (Photo)

I'm 5"6' about 125 pounds with 2 kids that were both breastfed. I'm approximately a 32DDD with 525 cc moderate profile implants. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Should I go with 375 or 400cc silicone moderate implants? (Photo)

I currently have 345cc saline implants and will be replacing them. Doctor recommended 375-400cc moderate silicone implants. I want to look a bit... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants - 1 Breast is Higher, Fuller, Wider

I had a breast lift with removal of old implants and new implants behind the muscle, all of this last week. From the beginning i noticed the different... READ MORE

I'm going in to have my 2nd boob job current implants 250cc - C cup. Will I achieve a large E cup with 600cc implants?

I'm aiming to be a Large Ecup will I achieve this size with 600cc implants or will they be a lot bigger, my natural breast before 1st implants was a... READ MORE

Wanting revision to go bigger. Current 340cc silicone allergen implant wanting to go to 500cc, will I see a difference? (photo)

Currently 340cc silicone allergan implant placed subfascial Not happy with current size looking to look fuller and gain some upper cleavage thinking... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, 122 lbs, 26" waist and currently have 450cc & 480cc. How many more cc would I need to make a 1/2-1 cup increase?

I want a revision to be bigger, i have MP and i want HP. how many more cc would i have to get in order to make a 1/2-1 cup increase? I want HP because... READ MORE

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