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Smaller Breast After Augmentation Revision

I just had my right breast fixed 2 weeks ago because it never dropped. So now, my doctor made a new pocket and tacked it up! I am wearing a band to... READ MORE

Deflated A Cup to Full C Cup - What Implant Should I Have Gotten?

I was a B. Blew up to at a D (breast feeding) then deflated to less than A. I requested FULL not projected, ball park full C. Said I was a tomboy,... READ MORE

Questions about implant revision to reduce size (Photos)

Hi there! I am 5 2" 105lbs, 37,and have nursed 1. I have had my implants for about 16 yrs (saline under the muscle 500cc) I want to revise with... READ MORE

How do you achieve the high, round top contoured breasts? Soon to be 3 surgeries and still so far from being satisfied (Photo)

Originally: deflated B, 110lbs, 5"5' 1st surgery: Oct 2015, dual plane 365cc high profile. I wanted full C, gave me DD (not complaining now) I wanted... READ MORE

What shape size implant would give me the look I am after? Very full with lots of under boob (Photo)

I originally had 220cc and switched to 400cc HP under the muscle implants in 2003 . My left breast is higher to the collar bone but he nipple is lower... READ MORE

My breasts are too close together. What is the best way to fix them? (Photo)

What is the beast way to fix my breast . My nipples flare out and my implants are too full on the inside near the medial causing it to look like I... READ MORE

Any difference in size between 350cc Mentor high profile breast implants and 415cc full profile inspirit breast implants?

I recently had a breast revision done to increase my breast size by half a cup from a smll C to a full C,. I had 350cc hp mentor on rt and 325cc hp on... READ MORE

Not satisfied with BA and want to go smaller. Will I need a lift? (photo)

I had a BA a year ago and have not been satisfied with them since. It was unfortunately a rushed decision and I think they are too big for my small... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a mastoplexy revision 5 months after a botched lift and implant and 3 months after explant? (photos)

Hi there experts..I went to see a specialist surgeon who mainly does breast revisions...he reckons I need a full mastoplexy again but I am scared my... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Mastopexy and Augmentation-Breasts completely different? Right nipple higher? What should i do? (photo)

I am getting more nervous as time is going on about the shape difference if my breasts, i have been wearing the compression band and always wearing my... READ MORE

Will a small lift under local anesthetic and in the minor or fix this? Or will I need a full lift? (photos)

I'm about three weeks out after having surgery. I was born with polands syndrome and have always been pretty sad about my breast and all they've kept... READ MORE

I have saline breast implants and want to go bigger and sit up more. Any suggestions? (photos)

I want larger breast implants but thinking of switching out my saline because of the ripples. question 1 if i go larger can i keep saline or should i... READ MORE

Would bigger implants benefit me and make my breasts more evenly full? (photos)

I have 375 and 400 naturelle implants from 2012. My chest looks good in a bra but is droppy on the part below my nipples and full above. They shift in... READ MORE

What can I do if I went too big?

I am 5'4 and 135 lbs & I got them done in IN about a 1yr 7m. I went from a 34A or 34B to a 36DD. I had 550cc high profile silicone implants put in... READ MORE

As a surgeon, would you call this a nice result on breast implants? (photos)

I had lost a lot of weight and neede to fill the breast up. Dont have the before pictures, Surgeon say: litte down , but not need a lift Why I ask?... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision needed. I am post-op 10 years Breast Implant w/Augmentation. I currently have saline implants. (photos)

My boobs have dropped and I can feel my saline implant bags. Looking to get a revision with breast augmentation. Looking for a doctor that is board... READ MORE

Right breast still too full up top and not low enough after 2nd surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Right breast was way over filled and sets up much higher than left and is much fuller on top. My 1st surgeon was a quack, implant leaked on table (I... READ MORE

Will my surgeon charge me again to change my implant size? (photos)

Pettie 5'1,120 pounds 350cc, I got a very natural full C not felling a much different with clothes on from when I was a 34B. I want to go in to get a... READ MORE

What size, type and should I go under or over the muscle? (Photos)

I'm scheduled for surgery April 13 2017 for a tummy tuck, full back lipo and a breast lift with smaller implants. I currently have 800 cc over the... READ MORE

How long should I wait till I get my breast done again? (Photos)

It's 88 days since May 18, when I got my Ba ( 420 CC's saline under the muscle through arm pit ) I'm very unhappy with how small my breasts are and... READ MORE

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