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Double Capsule/late Seroma 2.5 Years Post Op Breast Augmentation?

Hi doctors. I have somewhat of a rare complication. I had 354cc cohesive gel textured implants over the muscle 2.5 years ago. I had zero complications... READ MORE

Will I Definitely Encapsulate Because I Had a Seroma?

I am almost 2 weeks post-op from an open capsulectomy/implant exchange (right side only), and I developed excessive fluid in my breast. It's... READ MORE

Am I Getting Capsular Contracture Again ?

I had my 3 rd breast implant 4-28-11. 2 weeks ago 450 cc smooth round high profile gel under my muscle. My last 2 breast implant i had capsular both... READ MORE

Drain fluid is still dark red one week after Breast Implant Revision surgery with Strattice. Is this a cause for concern?

I had breast implant revision surgery with strattice a week ago. The PS placed a drain for the left side. I was told that the fluid in the drain... READ MORE

4 weeks post breast implant replacement and lift. Cracking skin redness rippling and yellow spotting... (photos)

The yellow fluids have not stopped since my surgery. It has lessened to spots on my bra at 4 weeks. My ps says that it is normal with this type of... READ MORE

What should I do? (photos)

Had first augmentation in 2003. Had the sec February 18, 2015. (Due to rippling, a contracture on left breast and it was just time). Went back to... READ MORE

1st Breast Aug Fine. 2nd One Had Complications?

Had breast aug in 2010 all was fine then i decide i want to go 1 size bigger - had boobs done 6 weeks ago with different surgery group am 5 weeks post... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help Heal with out Implant Removal For Reoccurring Drainage?

I just had surgery to correct a possible capsular contraction . Once in surgery it turned out to be a fluid buildup only with alot of tissue... READ MORE

JP DRAIN removal/seroma amount?

I had to have another surgery 9 days post op to remove fluid. He opened up incision, removed implant (which ruptured upon removal) cleaned pocket and... READ MORE

Possible Infection?

I’m 5’3 and 140lbs, under the muscle 370cc on December 26th. After 5 days right 1 began dripping small amounts of fluid mixed with blood. The nur... READ MORE

Headed to surgery soon, wanted other doctors opinions: Bottom out breast (textured or smooth). (photos)

The doctor is going to take the fluid out of my breast 2 weeks before surgery . He is going to tighten my poles , the bottom and the sides . I am... READ MORE

Left breast extremely swollen, appeared to have fluid around it. What do you think I should do? (Photo)

Had redo aug done this past wen. Cause: rippling in both and contra on left (13 years). Also had calification on left. Day after, left extremely... READ MORE

On Going Complications = Regret?

Orig surf. 2010 contracture. Repair surgery in 2011 removed saline. No drains ever used! I had anchor procedure.The right beast has fluid feeling with... READ MORE

My silicone implants seems much larger. Could it be swelling?

On Nov 6th 2014 I had my third BI exchange. No previous complications. Went from Natrelle MP 500 cc to UHP euro silicon 500 cc. I have had a lot of... READ MORE

Breast revision surgery fluid build up. Should I stop messaging breast?

I had a raptured breast implant replaced in January 2014. About 6 month after revision the breast looks a lot bigger. Ultrasound showed pockets of... READ MORE

So Tired of Hurting, What Now? Surgeon Has Not Given Up on Me. Age 50/Mastopexy/Allergen Smooth HP 475cc/Submuscular/07-2012

After surgery, developed tennis ball size fluid mass under left arm, popped 2 weeks post surgery, drained at bottom of incision. Incision and... READ MORE

Do I Need to Take out my Breast Implant?

I had to remove a breast implant that collapsed on my right side. So both breasts were placed with new silicon implants. I felt sick right after... READ MORE

Had 2nd set of breast implants March 3rd 2016. Black hole in the incision that is leaking clear fluid. (photo)

My right implant has been achy on and off.. Saturday I woke up, in a lot of pain.implant was swollen and hot to touch I had a low grade fever 100.4 I... READ MORE

Fluid around silicone implant. How should I interpret different results of MRI?

Just recently had silicone implants changed out because of a misread MRI stating a rupture. The implants were actually intact and I had a tissue mass... READ MORE

So many problems. I have a hole on my right breast (Photo)

I have posted my surgery details here before and last one more problem. apart from assemetry that is all wrong I have a hole on the scar on my right... READ MORE

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