Flexing + Breast Implant Revision

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Why Does my Breast Look Deformed when I Flex the Muscle?

I am one year post-op. My right breast looks deformed when flexed. Why does this happen? How complicated is the revision surgery to correct this issue? READ MORE

Slight lateral displacement or only flex distortion? Is it worth a revision - thoughts? (photos)

Anchor lift with 250cc saline unders Feb '14. The left side feels like I am carrying around a floppy boulder and the implant dislocates to the left -... READ MORE

Double bubble/muscle flex revision questions with updated pics now. (photos)

Adding pics to my last question on if a revision is worth it/if it'll get worse with time/how long until I can have it fixed ect. 600cc HP silicone... READ MORE

Do I seem to have a double bubble on my right breast implant? (photos)

I have 330cc saline implants done of June 2014. It seems to be much lower and not as full at all, also when I flex my right breast it looks so ugly!... READ MORE

Can breast revision be done when multiple problems exist?

I was told by a surgeon that my problems were too challenging , He said I have bottom out breast , one is capsular contraction , one needs a re-lift ,... READ MORE

Advise on what to do when original surgeon doesn't seem to notice? (photos)

About four yrs ago had revision contour saline, over C-D to silicone, under DD & look great. First yr had popping, flexing, slight protrusion in left... READ MORE

Double Bubble Revision Still Showing With Arms Down, Goes Away When Flexing, Is This A Good Sign?

I recently had double bubble revision surgery to my left breast. Immediately after surgery I noticed I still have it, although its not prevalent when... READ MORE

Nippple tethering with belladerm?

I just had a capsulectomy with fresh implants and belladerm 6 weeks ago. I was told that this would not only help my chances with recurring CC, but... READ MORE

What are the risk of revising an existing "wrong" breast augmentation putting new implants over the muscle? (photos)

I was recommended a revision of my breast and implants put from under to over the muscle. Why? Because implants move too much when I flex my pec... READ MORE

Any suggestions for augmentation revision? (photos)

I had 275cc silicone implants put in (submuscular) a year ago to add fullness to the upper pole. When I flex they look very strange. I'm very... READ MORE

Should the doctor charge me for revision surgery for my implant that never dropped? I had a reduction, lift and implant

When I flex my implant sticks out and is very unattractive. Do I research other dr's to get their opinion or try to get my Dr to revise without... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia? (Photo)

About 8 weeks ago I got my boobs redone. My first boob job was about 15 years ago and the doctor placed them above the muscle and where probably to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for sub-muscular implants with horrible flex deformity?

I recently went in for a revision, to smaller silicone, from small saline that rippled and scared on one side. Now I have implants that fit me well... READ MORE

Will they ever be soft and bouncy & stop flexing? (photos)

First BA was Dec 2010. developed severe rippling. revision on Aug 26, 2015. PS said must do under muscle(mentor HP 440cc)7 wks post op, so unhappy... READ MORE

Severe Flex Deformity after revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had overs 350cc revised to unders 2 mos. ago due to CC and since the surgery my right breast is too high but my PS isn't saying its CC. My low... READ MORE

Can one under-muscle implant be exchanged for sub-glanular (over muscle) since I am experiencing major flexion?

I originally had OM augmentation in 1995 & had them replaced when they began to ripple after 17 years. I believe the rippling was due to the age of... READ MORE

What happened to cause this deformity and how can it be helped? Surgically or otherwise? (photos)

I have a serious animation issue on my rt side when flexing or pushing together. Also pain in cleavage area on that side since surgery 6 months ago.... READ MORE

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