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How many more cc's do I need to get a full 32D? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I am very unhappy with the size. I started off a flat A and got 325&350cc Natrelle style 20's. Under clothes I look... READ MORE

Will Swapping from 245cc Moderate Anatomicals to 325 Extra High Profile Anatomicals Work?

I like the shape of my boobs from the front but from the side they are flat like pancakes -which wasn't what I asked for. The 325cc ones are 5mm... READ MORE

My nipple is black after a breast lift revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

At my 3 day post op my right areola looked black. THe Dr said it was just alot of bruising and didnt seem worried. Monday it was all flat and black.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision

Dec 09 I had a breast augmentation - 325cc, silicone round implants placed through the armpit, under the muscle. - No trouble till Dec 10 - nipple on... READ MORE

Will Flat Shape Ever Change if a Surgeon Has Raised Fold?

I had revision for capsular contracture and Dr. took liberty of raising the left fold. At 5 mos. post op it's still high and flat on bottom. I had... READ MORE

Implants Look Flattened Because They Are Under the Muscle?

I've had my implants for over 2 years. They are under the muscles and I don't like how they look because they look flattened due to being compressed... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breasts 11 Months Post Breast Implant Revision, Why Is This Happening? (photos)

I had my mastopexy w/implant surgery in November of 2011. After a few months I noticed that my right breast was not as full as my left. I had a... READ MORE

Unhappy with breast lift w/implants postop 3 weeks. Dr refuses to perform any revisions to correct! What are my options? (photo)

I wanted high, round, fake look Dr suggested 600 cc sub muscular silicone high profile to achieve this! 1 week postop I told him I was concerned due... READ MORE

I didn't want large breasts; I wanted a flat stomach and my pre-pregnancy perky breasts back. Can I have a revision? (Photo)

I made a big mistake and had a crescent breast lift with saline implants over the muscle along with lipo to my stomach. I did not want large breasts I... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, 122 lbs, 26" waist and currently have 450cc & 480cc. How many more cc would I need to make a 1/2-1 cup increase?

I want a revision to be bigger, i have MP and i want HP. how many more cc would i have to get in order to make a 1/2-1 cup increase? I want HP because... READ MORE

I know everyone panics during their first weeks. Does this look normal? I am worried about the flatness at the nipple. (Photo)

I am one week post removal of leaking gel implants, replace with gel implants, both over the muscle since it had been so long that he could not go... READ MORE

I'm not sure if I'm happy with my results. Do I need another revision? (Photo)

I had a revision ba done on Friday November 13, 2015 . I went from 355cc saline to 560cc gummy bear implants and they look uneven and the left one... READ MORE

1 month post op. Why do my breasts look flat? (Photo)

I am 1 month post op. I had larger saline implants for 10 years ( 34DDD) and wanted to have smaller breasts ( 34D ish) My Dr gave me smaller silicone... READ MORE

Breast Revision price ? How much should I be charged?

I had implants put in 8 months ago with benelli. I paid 3,000 extra alone for that type of lift. My breast are way to big, not lifted enough and... READ MORE

I know this can't be right. I think I paid 11k for the no lift-lift. How do I approach disinclined PS? (photos)

5 months post op R/R 420 cc saline with 350 cc silicone + vertical lift. No upper pole volume. Breasts indent above nipple and sag terribly. Photos... READ MORE

Submuscular implants looking flat and small. Is it because I changed to submuscular? (Photo)

My chest is looking flat. I've had 620 cc implants put in under the muscle. This is my fourth surgery. I've had 375 cc, 560 cc silicone , after I went... READ MORE

They Are Still Sagging and I Just Got Them Done?

I just got silicon implants under the Muscle And I have had saline over the muscle for 20 years now they look flat on the top what can I do to perk... READ MORE

Will my left breast (capsulectomy) "lift by forming new capsule and what's happening with right flat/inverted nipple? (Photo)

1st BA (320 silicone moderate profile) in November 2012. CC in left breast (liked the fullness above from CC) & had capsulectomy 5 weeks ago. Went w/... READ MORE

410 high profile teardrop replacement with 440cc round moderate profile under muscle. Will I look too flat? (Photo)

Hello, I am getting my implants replaced due to (double bubble and implants out of place) complications. My surgeon and I agreed to have moderate... READ MORE

Does the scarring look normal 6 weeks post op? (photos)

49 years old. 2 years ago I had lollipop lift with 330 CC moderate gel implants behind the muscle.. Six weeks ago I had revision surgery with full... READ MORE

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