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Will Having my Implants Replaced Bring Back the Look I Had Before my Baby? (photo)

I had BA surgery 5 years ago with saline implants. I loved the firm round look. Since breast feeding my baby 3 years ago they are softer and not the... READ MORE

What Are Early Sings of a Hematoma or Capsular Contraction?

I had my 350cc saline implants replaced with 450cc silicone high profile implants about 2 weeks ago. My left one feels great. I cant even tell i had... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Op from my BA Revision Surgery and my Right Breast is Still Firm? (photo)

I am a triathlete/marathoner and I only had 250 cc's before. I developed CC and had them removed. I never had breast tissue. I now have 350 cc's... READ MORE

Am I Developing a Contracture? (photo)

I had my second breast aug approx 4 mos ago.(first was 8 yrs ago). Seemingly overnight my left breast is significantly firmer than the right and... READ MORE

Worried About Breast After Revision for CC?

My Breast slighty firm and bigger after revision surgery for CC. If i lie on my belly it's harder but will soften in minutes and I dont really notice... READ MORE

Can you get a second breast lift implant surgery to make your breast & nipple slightly higher and firmer? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction /lift with gel over the muscle mod plus implants procedure 300cc A year ago I was happy with the outcome & what they achieved... READ MORE

3 1/2 months post op and still high. Any suggestions?

I'm 3 1/2 months post op. I went from 400ccs to 600cc silicone under the muscle. The top part of my left breast is still firmer than the bottom part... READ MORE

Will Mentor shaped anatomical implants be firmer than Sientra rounds?

I have sientra smooth round implants and they are already pretty firm. I plan to switch them out for Mentor anatomicals. I know these are textured..... READ MORE

I'm 9 days post breast implant exchange, pocket change & capsulectomy. Is it normal for them to feel firm?

Did not have a lot of breast tissue & my 1 & 1/2 yr old Saline sub glandular implants did not look natural. 9 days post op from switching to silicone... READ MORE

Breast Revision - Pocket and/or Implant Exchange (had vertical lift w/ implants, 350cc Mentor Smooth Round 10.5 wks ago) (photo)

I was told I'd have 350/375cc, now 350cc in both. From the beginning, the right breast has been droopy, slopes down w/out any upper volume, and wide.... READ MORE

6 months post op, I made a bad decision. Whats the rule with getting them redone? (photos)

6mnths post, & from day 1 I knew my 325cc were not big enough!! PS delivered exactly what I asked for natural look! I am so disappointed in how small... READ MORE

Revision after a deflate. What is going on?! Doc says "nothing wrong per say" right is firmer and throbbing pain. (photo)

6 weeks post op. Right is 2-3" higher on chest, shaped like a box with a big indention. Has only gotten worse and feels like all breast tissue is... READ MORE

Follow-up: Does it seem like an easy fix to only fix left breast? (Bottomed out and over-filled) (Photo)

My BA was about 5 years ago and in order to even out the asymmetry that I had pre-BA he used 400 cc implants but overfilled left side to 425 I believe... READ MORE

Right breast more firm than left. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

Hello. I had a revision breast augmentation in December 2014 I am about 8 months out and my right breast Is more firm then my left and also sits up a... READ MORE

1 year post op from breast revision. My boobs get firm until I massage them they get soft again. Have you heard of this? (Photo)

I am very tired of massaging aggressively for the past 9 months - 2 times a day to keep them soft. Just for your info: Last year was my 2nd surgery to... READ MORE

Is Singulair safe and can it really stop the progression of capsular contracture or reverse it?

I had my initial breast implant surgery four years ago and a revision with both implants exchanged two years ago. The revision was successful but now... READ MORE

Implants getting firm 4 ½ months after revision, with slight capsulectomy on R breast and a bilateral periareolar lift.

I know with having the capsulectomy, the chances of it reoccurring were higher. Is it common for it to start hardening around the 4 month mark? I'm... READ MORE

Can I achieve full firm breasts with a post breast lift with implant revision? (photos)

My board certified surgeon did a breast lift (anchor incision) with 200cc silicone textured implants behind the muscle. I saw my surgeon again, 6... READ MORE

Will adding more saline to a breast that has a fold cause it to be more firm and/or bigger? (photo)

I had a revision a yr ago 325 to 425. I am very happy with the results. Unfortunately i have a fold in right breast that u can feel but only see when... READ MORE

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