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Can the Double Bubble Look Be Corrected Temporarily with Fat Grafting? (photo)

I have double bubble on my left breast.It's not an extremely visible case but it is annoying. My dr. suggested that he can temporarily correct... READ MORE

How successful is fat transfer to the breast after explant?

I'm researching a PS to remove 40 year old small implants that have ruptured within the capsule. MRI has confirmed that silicon has not spread. I do... READ MORE

Previous Capsular Contracture from Under the Muscle. Should I Go over the Muscle or Do Fat Grafting?

I had a previous contracture in both breasts about 10 years ago. Implants were placed under the muscle. They were removed a year later and did not... READ MORE

BA 5/2012 Natrelle Teardrop Subglandular. Second Opinion For Visible Knuckling? (photo)

I had BA in May 2012 with natrelle teardrop implants 360mm subglandularly. Since healing I have palpable folds and edges in both breasts. Right breast... READ MORE

Implant Reinsertion Vs Fat Transfer For Revision?

I have a single silicone implant (above the muscle) that was placed in 1979 for asymmetry at age 13. In 1983 I had a reduction on the other side. The... READ MORE

Using the Same Implants After Capsular Surgery and Fat Grafting?

I had a breast lift with 375 cc silicon implants. The past 3 months my right breast got hardened and hardened. my original surgeon is uncooperative .... READ MORE

Improving Breast Tissue Attached to Pectoral Muscles with Fat Grafting? (photo)

Hello. I'm experiencing animation deformity much like this patient, :( Having some difficulty with my moving pectorals, I've been consulting with a... READ MORE

Implant Bottom-out. Correction Attempt, But Failed. Contemplating a Fat Graft, Suggestions?

My left implant bottomed-out due to over dissection and/or thin skin & minimal fat tissue. My plastic surgeon attempted to correct this with a... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Fat Grafting?

I am a 49-year-old female who had silicone breast implants done almost 25 years ago. I started having problems with one of them, which was leaking and... READ MORE

Will a Fat Transfer After BA Rupture my Implants (I Have No Breast Tissue of my Own, but They Are Under the Muscle)?

I had a bad BA years ago and am hoping to have my implants replaced with smaller ones. I think it may have partly looked bad/unnatural due to me... READ MORE

Can you take out 600 cc implants and do fat grafting? (photo)

I have a capsul and need it removed and my other breast in so low cause of the huge implants I just want to see if I can look good in a bathing suite... READ MORE

In-between breasts gap, skinny patient, thin skin. What should I do?

I had very little breast tissue and fat prior to breast augm. Even though my breasts look quite good my biggest problem is the fact that between the... READ MORE

Can Alloderm be used to assist with capsular contracture upon breast reconstruction revision? Toronto. (photo)

I had a prophylactic mastectomy skin sparing in April with imm reconstruction using mentor contour profile becker 35. August went for fat grafting,... READ MORE

What is my best option to improve upper fullness? (photos)

I had 450cc Saline implants for 7 years then I had them removed almost a year ago because my left implant had slid down out of its socket. I do like... READ MORE

Fat grafting for double bubble? (photo)

I had 470 CC silicon implants in December and I have noticed a double bubble when I raise my arms up. My doctor who I did lots of research on and has... READ MORE

My right implant has not fallen into its pocket and my doctor wants to do a fat transfer instead of capsule removal? (Photo)

In January 2015 I switched 300cc saline implants to 500cc silicone. I also had a "J" breast lift, scar revision, smaller nipple, capsular contraction... READ MORE

How do I research/find a doctor for breast implant pocket revision or fat grafting?

I am interested in locating a doctor to discuss the possibility of having a pocket revision or a fat transfer to correct the appearance of my current... READ MORE

Does anyone specialize in rippling after all normal options failed?

I'm trying to locate a doctor that specializes in breast revisions, especially RIPPLING. I've had several breast surgeries to try to correct rippling... READ MORE

How long after breast implant surgery should I wait to have fat grafting done?

I had saline implants removed and replaced with silicone, under the muscle. Cleavage ripples and rippling along top were immediately noticeable. Three... READ MORE

Sientra or Natrelle 410 for my reconstructed breasts? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post op with 410 Natrelle 410FX and they look flat on the upper pole. They almost look saggy to me. One side is sitting lower while other... READ MORE

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