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Why do my implants fall to the side when lying down? (Photo)

I had a revision 10 months after BA to correct my right implant falling below the muscle and to improve cleavage. Also before the revision my implants... READ MORE

Something's wrong with my breasts, but my doctor says that it's ok. Is it doctors fault that my breasts look like that? (photo)

My breasts started to fall to side 2 months after operation, did my doctor choose the wrong type/size of implant? Is it how it should look?Because im... READ MORE

Is this a double bubble deformity? (photo)

Hey I have silicon implants round 325 ml in each brest I did my surgery in 2010 it s us muscular. And I see at the side that deformity and I think is... READ MORE

I had a revision that didn't work. Where do I go from here? (Photo)

I had a revision 10 months after BA to correct my right implant falling below the muscle and implants falling to the side when lying down. 19 mths out... READ MORE

3rd surgery with Siri; already bottoming out and implants are falling in armpits? 2 months post-op (Photo)

I paid for siri after having 2 ba with lifts.my second surgery my implants exposed. 2 months p.o. & my implants fall into armpits. I paid for siri... READ MORE

Do I have Symmastia? When laying flat of my back, my right breast or implant fall towards my armpit but the left doesn't?(photo)

PS is board certified and stated he thinks I might have symmastia but said it would be a simple stitch here and there and it would be fine. The... READ MORE

I'd like to know if my case would be to have a breast implant revision surgery? (Photo)

I did the silicone lift and implant 8 years ago and I don't like how my breasts got. I have the inverted T-scar and the nipple has decreased in size.... READ MORE

Can I get replacement implants and lift without implant falling to the sides or looking wide? (photos)

I hate that my implants go to the side like side boob and aren't closer together. I hate how uneven they look too! Had these about 5 years. 550/575cc... READ MORE

How can I convince my doctor to fix my implants? Would it be possible to go one size bigger?

1 year post op and my breasts still fall into my armpit.not sure how to convince my dr to fix this. Spent 10K on these and I'm so unhappy I cry myself... READ MORE

Breasts falling toward armpit/lots of space btwn breasts after mastopexy & capsulorraphy bilateral w/ implant exchange (Photos)

Had mastopexy/capsulorraphy bilateral w/ implant exchange from 16 yr old saline (575c) to silicone smooth UHP 455c surgery 4 wk ago. Breasts are... READ MORE

Is a minimally invasive surgery possible for an displaced saline implant? (photos)

Had a lift and saline implants 03/15 with 40cc extra on L side, but had issues w/ my (L) implant laying in my underarm. Had 2nd surgery, same doctor,... READ MORE

Falling implant after one revision attempt? (Photos)

Reduction/lift: 12/26/06 Breast aug 720 L/840 R saline unders: 12/28/15 Revision to R breast: 6/20/16 Had a revision to correct my falling R breast... READ MORE

Would procedure would be suggested for me by looking at my photos? (photos)

I had 525cc silicone implants put under the muscle in 2012. I feel the implants have fallen a lot compared to 2yrs ago. The skin in the middle is now... READ MORE

Do I need an urgent breast implant revision?

I have 1200cc Saline implants that were done in 2015. I just recently had a scan on my chest because i was having pain on 1 side, apparently it's from... READ MORE

How many 2nd opinions do I need to get for a breast implant revision?

I fell in the bathroom and hit my left breast on the bathtub knob shortly after surgery. (11/2014) The initial pain went away within hours. From time... READ MORE

My breasts look indented and have ridges after BA and lift. Is this normal? Will it correct and round out? (Photos)

I previously had 450 HP mentor under the muscle my new surgeon discovered an implant had ruptured during my new surgery. I had the old implants placed... READ MORE

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