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Resuming Fitness Class After Breast Lift and Implant Replacement

I teach a Latin cardio fitness class. I am having a breast implants replacement (because of a leak) and a vertical breast lift. How long before I can... READ MORE

Can I Exercise with a Ruptured Breast Implant?

I have a ruptured breast implant and I am awaiting replacement. However, Can I still exercise with a ruptured implant READ MORE

What Specific Upper Body Exercises Should I Avoid After a Breast Revision & Capsulorrhaphy? (photo)

I had saline sub-glandular implants replaced with silicone sub-muscular implants, internal bra due to shifting, and liposuction in the axilla/underarm... READ MORE

I have extreme Muscle Flex deformity from sub pectoral Mentor cohesive gel implants. I don't want to sacrifice strength by cutti

I had the surgery a year ago.Whenever I engage my pecs the implants shift laterally under my armpits. It's very disturbing. I am a personal trainer by... READ MORE

Can capsulorrhaphy on a pt with very thin skin be done successfully without the use of alloderm? (photos)

I had revision surgery X2 to correct cap cont/deformity. My ps informed me that I have very thin skin and that alloderm should be used in future surg.... READ MORE

I've Bottomed out, Should I Stop Exercising For the Time Being?

I've bottomed out and awaiting revision. Should I stop exercising, will it make it worse if I carry on. My arm and chest is like a dead weight... READ MORE

How soon can I return to upper body exercises after a breast augmentation revision (capsulorraphy+mesh)?

Revision surgery was about two weeks ago, 04/22/16. Went from mentor saline 350cc under muscle to Natrelle Inspira SRF 450cc. Usual exercise includes... READ MORE

Another capsular contracture again in other breast. Idea on replacing. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello! I had a capsular contracture in my left breast and wanted to go bigger so I did last Sept. Last month I noticed capsular contracture in my... READ MORE

8 months post op and right breast still hasn't fully dropped. (photo)

I had a breast augmentation in January 2016 and my right breast is still sitting much higher than my left one. I got 600cc silicone under the muscle.... READ MORE

What are my options at this stage? (photo)

I am almost 5 months post op, and I'm almost certain my left breast is migrating down and laterally. I also get sharp pains coming from that breast... READ MORE

I have grade 3 capsular contracture, can I still exercise as normal until I have revision surgery?

Since developing capsular contracture 4 weeks ago I have stopped doing my usual running and weight lifting just in case it made it worse. I'm not able... READ MORE

235 vs 200 vs 175 breast implants? (photos)

I currently have 275cc saline breast implants. one of them deflated and i will change them to gel implants. currently i was using 32DDD victoria... READ MORE

I am almost a year post op, and one side(the left side) has always been healing much slower than the other side. (photo)

My right side started to look more natural recently, but the left side is still very high and the upper pole looks very unnatural. When I exercise,... READ MORE

Will my implants become more round at top and also my left side of my breast sags will that change? (photos)

I had implants 21 years ago. I had saline under the muscle 325 ccs . I just recently had them exchanged 7 weeks ago with a lift and silicone naturelle... READ MORE

Why am I cleared to use the elliptical but not the stationary bike?

I had my 2 week post op and it went very well. I was cleared to use the elliptical and take brisk walks but not to go on a stationary bike. If I'm... READ MORE

I had a breast implant revision with Naterelle 410 implants. whwn can I start doing sit ups again? (photo)

I had a breast implant revision with Naterelle 410 implants. I am terrified they will rotate but can't stand doing nothing active. When can I resume... READ MORE

After my breast augmentation revision due to capsular contraction I felt a sharp snap while doing implant exercises. Normal?

I am 3 weeks post op and I have been doing EVERYTHING specifically how the doctor told me to do it. However, during my message yesterday I felt a... READ MORE

Breast Revision. New physician?

I had a breast augmentation almost a year ago, my left breast has not dropped as much as my right breast has. I got 275cc saline unders and I am also... READ MORE

I am a person who works out 5-7 days a week. What stretching/light exercising can I do?

I work out with weights, power vinyasa yoga, spin class or some other cardio. I want to keep from deconditioning too much.I just had a downsize of... READ MORE

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