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Opinions on Downsizing My Implants. Having Trouble With Bottoming Out, And Other Issues

I'm currently 350&375 cc Saline w/a Benelli. 34D/DD. 5'6, 126lbs. Complications I'm having are Bottoming out,Double bubble, Excess... READ MORE

Does Wearing a Sports Bra Help Excess Skin Retract After Downsizing Implants? (photo)

I had breast augmentation a year and a half ago. Style 15 371cc's took me from a 34B to a 34D. I felt they were too big so last week I downsized to... READ MORE

I've had implants but are left not satisfied with the result. What needs to be done to achieve smaller, perkier breasts? (photo)

Hello, in September last year I had implants in England, as I had being deflated and left with a lot of excess skin from having children. I am very... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Excess Skin if I Am Downsizing my Breast Implants by 32ccs? (photo)

Age 39 , 5'6", 125lbs, no kids, fair w/ red hair. I was a 34A. In April 2011 I got 371cc Natrelle Style 15 implants. I downsized to Style 10 240ccs in... READ MORE

I have animation/separation when I flex and need a revision. Which to choose?? (photos)

My doc is suggestion either: leave the implant under the muscle, tighten up outside pocket, and remove excess skin/make areola smaller. Or, move the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have small breasts that don't hang? (photos)

When I lie down, my implants go into my armpit and my chest becomes flat. I had my first implants put in after my 2nd child. Before babies, I was... READ MORE

Bottoming out revision. Am I dropping too much too fast 2 weeks post op? (Photos)

I am 2 weeks post revision to fix bottomed out 12 yr old 300 cc saline under the muscle implants. I switched to 235 cc silicone. My doctor did a... READ MORE

Breast revision needed. Is it an easy fix or will it be the same as the first surgery? (Photo)

I had a breast anchor lift and an implant exchange from 540cc to 360cc, 2 months ago. I am definitely in need of a revision to fix the excess lower... READ MORE

What are some suggestions in reducing the size of my implants? I have 600cc can I go 300-400? I would like to go from 32F to 32D

I would like to get my 600cc silicone implants removed. I'm 4ft 11in I'm a 32F (with 600cc silicone implants removed). A long time ago I went to a dr... READ MORE

Best breast surgeon for "correction" job in London?

I had a breast uplift 7 months ago, and was left with 2 very pronounced bubbles/excess skin in my cleavage. It was the anchor scar. And the scars in... READ MORE

Breast re-augmentation: How much smaller can one usually go without being concerned about excess skin?

I am slender and originally an A cup, got 350cc saline impants (asked for B's, got F's) was reduced to 300cc silicone 10 years ago I wanted smaller,... READ MORE

I would like to have both of my breasts revised. What can be done to help me? (Photo)

Specifically, I want them reshaped so they will have a normal appearance. I would like them closer together and have the excess skin on the sides... READ MORE

Breast implant revision for an excess of skin after loosing weight. How can I ride off the excess skin without a lift? (Photo)

After my initial bresast implant surgery in july last year, I have lost around 8 kilo and now I have a lot of excess skin in particular on the left... READ MORE

Can a reduction be done after a nipple sparing mastectomy?

I am small framed, large breasted; 32DDD. Can a reduction be done after implant NSM? What happens if i reduce implant size in terms of excess skin and... READ MORE

Looking for more fullness in upper breast, this will be my 2nd set of implants. What type & position is recommended?

During pregnancy, I stretched from B to E cup. Had augment done with saline to a full C but still have excess skin and sagginess with fullness in the... READ MORE

3 weeks ago had an implant reduction from 450cc to 300cc. Could he have made them smaller? (photos)

I had asked the surgeon for a 34C Size and under the muscle before they were 450cc and over the muscle and looked ridiculously fake and way too big... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to remove loose skin from the cleavage area? (photos)

I had a lift and my previous implants removed as they were rippling at the top and replaced smaller ones with placed under the muscle. Now I have one... READ MORE

40 years old with a child. I'm getting a breast implant revision. Should I be getting the donut lift procedure? (photos)

I lost about 60 lbs in the last 2 years. My breast were deflated. I had breast implants in December 2016. No complications. My left breast seems to... READ MORE

How much is lost after swelling reduction? (Photo)

Hi there! I just had my implant exchange monday, 7/13/15. I went from 350cc saline moderate profile to 600cc saline high profile. I had alot of excess... READ MORE

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