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Breast Revision Using ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix)? (photo)

I've had my implants for 11 yrs with no complications. Last week I awoke to one breast being encapsulated. Thus far, I've visited two doctors. One Dr.... READ MORE

Cost for Replacing Encapsulated Breast After 11 Years of Implants? (photo)

Hi... I awoke the other morning to an encapsulated breast.... maybe I'm oblivious but I truly had no warning signs. I went to see the doctor who... READ MORE

Will I Definitely Encapsulate Because I Had a Seroma?

I am almost 2 weeks post-op from an open capsulectomy/implant exchange (right side only), and I developed excessive fluid in my breast. It's... READ MORE

Have Had Encapsulation With Saline Implants, Than Again After Revision. What Are My Options?

I Had Saline Breast Implants 6 Years Ago.  I Had my Left Breast Implant Replaced Due to an Encapsulation.  Within 4 Months I Had an... READ MORE

For 4th Surgery, Should I Removing an Encapsulated Saline Implant and Replace W/ 'Gummy Bear' Implant?

47 yr old, healthy with recurrent encapsulation in right breast. I am considering a 4th surgery to replace my saline, submuscular 350cc implant with a... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Breast Lift/ with Augmentation?

Unilateral BA at 19yo for asymmetry. Now 50. Encapsulated implant rmvd 3 wks ago, both breasts BL/BA, 304cc silicone, upper peri-aureolar, crescent... READ MORE

Removing Both Capsules or Just the Encapsulated One? (photo)

I have posted other questions before... thank you for all of your great answers! My left breast is encapsulated. My implants are now beneath the... READ MORE

Help with RE-fixing Asymmetry After Prior Augmentation & Lift (Smooth/textured? Over/under Muscle?) (photo)

I am seeking advice on what steps to take for my breast surgery soon. I plan to have a lift on both as well as my implants replaced and larger. I... READ MORE

My Encapsulated Breast?

I had done my implant in nov 2010 and got encapsulated in dic 2011. My DR. Was Simon from cosmetic center in miami, fl. I had a terreble situation... READ MORE

Can Naturalfil Be Used on Breasts Post Many Implant Replacements?

I have had nine implants over the years due to incapsulation. I am not badly incapsulated and uncomfortable. My physician says she can remove the... READ MORE

Removal of 300cc saline implant, a lollipop lift and a new 225cc silicone under muscle. Will this be a noticeable size change?

I am Petite, 4'11", 104 lbs. There was encapsulation of the old saline implants, but my original breast tissue prior to my first surgery 20 years ago,... READ MORE

My Breasts Keep Encapsulating About One Year After Surgery?

Although my implants are encapsulated, the breasts are not mis-shapened. I have had my implants replaced twice due to encapsulation, the last time was... READ MORE

Would 700cc give me bigger breasts? Which profile, brand and shape would fix my asymmetry? (Photo)

- I had two augmentations: 1st to 250cc about 6yrs ago and 2nd in jun 2014 495cc, mentor cohesive gel, drop shape under muscle. - encapsulation... READ MORE

Can I Have Encapsulated Implants Replaced if I Am Now on Coumadin?

I have developed encapsulated implants and I've had them for about 15 yrs now. During this time, I've had to gone on coumadin therapy for... READ MORE

What is the best solution for recurring capsular contracture? (photos)

I had breast aug. in July of 2015, 350 cc Mentor silicone placed under the muscle, periareol incision. A few months later I developed capsular... READ MORE

I've Had 2 Breast Augs & May Need a 3rd Due to Encapsulation. Should I Have a 3rd? Should I Change the Type/size?

Had implants in Mar '12. By Nov '12 the left side encapsulated. had my 2nd surgery in Jan '13 & in July the same! L. breast encapsulating again.... READ MORE

Implants have been replaced 3 times in 21 years. I went with a Dr. suggested Gummy Bears , teardrop form. Any suggestion?(photo)

Doctor went above the muscle 1st time , loosing encapsulation concern. He said they must stay in place 6 months. Concern is for a week I had drain... READ MORE

Considering downsizing breast implants.

I had implants above the muscle at 34 and loved them for 20 years. I had to have a revision done about 4 years ago because both implants had ruptured... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Breast Aug?

I had two procedures done two months ago a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. I had a deviated septum, I went back yesterday for a follow up and my... READ MORE

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