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600CC Silicone Exchange for 450CC Saline and Lift, is This Large Enough for a E Cup? 5'4'', 113, 40yr Old? (photo)

I got 450 cc Saline implants 12 years ago and recently decided I needed a lift and to exchange my implants to silicone. I am looking for a very large... READ MORE

Downing Sizing from a 700cc Implant to 300cc What Size Will I Be Roughly?

I'm down sizing my huge 700cc implants to 300cc in just over a week and I'm trying to get an idea of size. I'm terrified of making the wrong decision... READ MORE

I'm going in to have my 2nd boob job current implants 250cc - C cup. Will I achieve a large E cup with 600cc implants?

I'm aiming to be a Large Ecup will I achieve this size with 600cc implants or will they be a lot bigger, my natural breast before 1st implants was a... READ MORE

Should I get smaller implants with a lift or remove implants for a reduction? (Photo)

I currently have size 32E with saline implants from 9 years ago. I'm 5'7" ,125 pounds. I would like to be a C cup. I was a B cup prior to surgery,... READ MORE

Can anyone please help and tell me what I need to have done to make my boobs right? (Photo)

I was given two different implants one 270 and one 320. I have a dd and an e cup size. My surgeon is not helpful now at all and although he says he... READ MORE

Does purposefully deflating my implants 6 weeks prior to downsizing my implants sound reasonable?

I want to have my implants replaced (12 years old) and I want to go smaller. Aboutt 100-125 cc smaller. It was suggested that since my breast tissue... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - Smaller

I had 270CC, high profile, submuscular PIP implants back in 2005. The result took me from a 30A, to a 30DD/E. Despite being told they would be a full... READ MORE

Can I have my 3rd breast augmentation surgery (photos)

I am a 38yr old and I have done two breast augemntation surgeries.. First from size A to C then from C to D.. I am disatissfied as I wanted to go... READ MORE

Should I go slightly larger if going under muscle? I am 5' and weight 120. Small rib cage (28" under breast) (Photos)

10 years ago I had a 325cc LP to lift my naturally large breasts - after weight fluctuations, I now need a revision, My PS recommends a lift with... READ MORE

Second go at breast implants?

I previously had breast implants. They were removed at they were the PIP implants and I wanted rid of them for safety. After about two years with out... READ MORE

Implant double bubble, 2nd surgery has not fixed muscle contraction

2 years ago I had high profile teardrop silicone implants 510cc place under the muscle. My chest is 36.5inc. I was a 10b & now a 10E. 1yr later I... READ MORE

Bra size after compression bra: will I still be an E cup in normal bra size after six weeks? (Photo)

Was fitted pre surgery for compression bra 8E and wanting to know if after the 6 weeks I would still be a E Cup in normal bra size :-) one breast had... READ MORE

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