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What Can I Do to Fix the Rippling/Wrinkling on my Breasts?

Hi, i had my breasts enlarged the first time to 525cc dual plane silicone and wanted bigger so a year ago i went to 800cc dual plane silicone however... READ MORE

Bulge After Breast Implants - What Would You Do?

400cc, Mod+, IMF crease, 2 wks. ago. Dual plane. Bulge evident under left breast imm. after getting home :( Not dbl. bbl., implant creating the bulge,... READ MORE

Muscle Contracture Implant Distortion

My breast implant (surgery 40 days ago, 300cc, silicone, round, dual plane) is distorted upon muscle flexing. Can this be corrected? Can muscle that... READ MORE

Capsular Formation?

I had breast augment. 41 days ago (300cc, silicone round, dual plane). My right breast looks like it has obtained correct position and feels soft. My... READ MORE

Will Rippling on the Inner Side of the Muscle Disappear?

2nd BO after 7 months due to implant flipping. The PS told me he would try a dual plane procedure to cover the implant. I asked if rippling could be... READ MORE

Is Dual Plane Technique a Better Choice for 620 Cc Extra High Prof. Implants Than Total Submuscular Placement?

Im 164 cm tall and I weigh 60 kg. I currently have 250 cc high profile silicon implants ( for 13 years) and Im getting them replaced with 620 extra... READ MORE

How Do You Make a Brand New Pocket During a Breast Augmentation Revision, when the First Was Under the Muscle?

I am getting a BA revision and replacing smooth silicone under rounds with textured gummy bear anatomicals. I am going much smaller, as well. My... READ MORE

5 weeks post op pocket revision surgery as implants were too high. Dual plane. Is it too early to see results? (Photo)

I am 5weeks post op revision surgery. I have been using a band to try and help drop n fluff. Does this actually help?. Is it to early to see results?... READ MORE

How many ccs would I need to achieve my desired look? Would 550ccs be enough? (Photo)

Hello? I am currently 550cc's silicone hp dual plane. I am wondering how much bigger I would need to go to get this look. Just had a revision from 315... READ MORE

Subglandular implants with grade 2-3 capsular, want replaced w/ submuscular but surgeon is unwilling. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had subglandular implants 320cc pips in 2006, I had these replaced in 2012 with subglandular nagor 360cc. I had slight rippling in the inner part of... READ MORE

Textured round vs textured shaped vs smooth round, in dual plane position, what's the difference in a revision breast surgery?

I received 3 difference suggestions from board certified PS during consultations for revision surgery to correct existing capsular contracture:... READ MORE

Capsulorraphy and implant exchange? Will this procedure help me gain a little cleavage? (Photo)

I'm 5 months post op with 400cc silicone dual plane implants. 5'4" and an athletic 125 pounds. I've been concerned for a while about the way my... READ MORE

Revision surgery - do you have to pay?

Do u have to pay for revision surgery? I'm 10months post op and my implants are still high, I posted pictures yesterday, and got good response from... READ MORE

Is the "drop n fluff" a non issue with second time around breast implants? (Photo)

Had breast implant revision due to deflation. There was almost no swelling or pain after surgery this go round, and the implants were never high on my... READ MORE

Revisional surgery. Will my breast look larger moving to a subglandular position?

I have the dreaded "Double Bubble". 450cc HP Silcone, Submuscular. My surgeon said to corect this he needs to move the implant to a subglandular... READ MORE

Are my implants too wide for my small frame? Should I consider a revision if I don't see a change in 6 months? (photos)

I had 255cc tear drop dual plane 6 weeks ago and I'm unhappy with the way my implants look so wide on my small frame .I'm 46 kg and 1.62 cm. Due to... READ MORE

I was wondering if it is possible to move the implants from under the muscle to partially under (dual plane)?

I need a revision due to a deflated saline implant so I was wondering if it is possible to move the implants from under the muscle to partially under... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Fake Look with Dual Plane Technique?

I have 295 hp over the muscle,allergan inspira and I have bottomed out.I want a higher,rounder and fuller look.My ps recommended 485hp with dual plane... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for an active woman of 70 who needs implant exchange using dual plane procedure?

My doctor and I discussed implant exchange with capsulectomy. It would be a Mentor "gummy bear" implant to replace my silicone implants of 15 years... READ MORE

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