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Swollen Breast After Drain Tubes Were Removed

I had a breast revision surgery almost 6 weeks ago. I had drain tubes in both breast for 11 days to help prevent cc. the night of and the 3-4 days... READ MORE

How Significantly Do Fluid Drains Reduce Swelling?

I recently had a breast revision surgery for a capsule. The Dr. gave me drains for one week afterwards. I'm only a wk and a half post op, but I am a... READ MORE

Is my Breast Hematoma Being Treated Correctly? (photo)

I have several pictures of my breasts posted from my last question. I have undergone 2 surgeries within 2 months. After my 2nd surgery my breast was... READ MORE

Steroid Injection for Capsule Prevention?

I recently underwent a Breast Revision surgery, because of a capsule in one breast. I had drains and Medrol Pak after. I am doing exercises, but feel... READ MORE

Swelling with Tightness & Pain?

I had revised breast aug. 5 days ago do to right bottoming out and left muscle tighting up i have drain tubes in both breast the breast are not... READ MORE

Are Drains Necessary with Capsulorraphy?

If I am having repair of breast implant pockets during a revision, are drains needed/necessary? I imagine there will be fluid post-surgery, but also... READ MORE

Was Msra Infected Breast Implant Salvage Successful?

Update on Mrsa infected implant. 3 weeks after breast agumentation, My doctor took out the implant, soaked in antibiotics and implant was put back in.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision. Blood Clot From Drains Left Sagging Skin?

Had 800 CC Salines Removed Went with 375cc Gels Had Blood Clot Left Breast from Drain Have Sagging Skin Will This Shrink? Left breast has bubbly skin... READ MORE

Why are drains used in a BA revision?

Are drains necessary when having a BA revision when capsulorrhaphies laterally and beneath the breast are performed? Are there side effects if a drain... READ MORE

10 days post op capsular contracture significant bruising. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had BA 13yrs ago & wanted to get them redone as I've finished having kids.Im 34 years old & had 300cc in before that lost shape. So I wanted to go... READ MORE

Will I Need Drains?

I am having a secondary breast augmentation surgery to switch my subglandular teardrop cohesive gel implants to submuscular smooth round cohesive gel... READ MORE

How Easy is the Recovery During Breast Implant Exchange?

After a Revision and a lift because of capsules, I am unhappy with how large my breast are. How easy would another surgery recovery be, if I exchanged... READ MORE

Are drains necessary when getting capsulectomy?

Planning on having my implants replaced to a smaller size and also because I have capsular contracture. Upon having a capsulectomy is a drain... READ MORE

Why are drains used in Breast Augmentation vs the traditional no drains? Is this a better method?

I am going to have a breast revision due to capsular contraction and wanting to go from a 380CC saline to 450CC silicone. I am a bit curious as to why... READ MORE

JP DRAIN removal/seroma amount?

I had to have another surgery 9 days post op to remove fluid. He opened up incision, removed implant (which ruptured upon removal) cleaned pocket and... READ MORE

After breast implants have been removed, how long are the drains left in?

I had ruptured silicone implants removed and new silicone implants put in. How long should drains stay in? The area of the drains are very painful. READ MORE

Why did I develop a seroma after post op breast exchange after only approximately 12 days?

Two weeks after surgery I develpoed a Seroma I my right breast only. On day 10 I had my drains removed. Three days later I was in a lot of pain from... READ MORE

Does this look like hematoma? (Photo)

I am 3 days post op from my revision breast augmentation. My PS told me today that he believes I have a hematoma in my right breast and that we will... READ MORE

Could Swollen Occipital/Cervical Lymph Nodes mean an Allergic reaction to Breast Implants?

I'm one and a half months post op silicone breast revision. My doctor put drains in my armpits and gave me Medrol pak to prevent capsules.I seemingly... READ MORE

Implants have been replaced 3 times in 21 years. I went with a Dr. suggested Gummy Bears , teardrop form. Any suggestion?(photo)

Doctor went above the muscle 1st time , loosing encapsulation concern. He said they must stay in place 6 months. Concern is for a week I had drain... READ MORE

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