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BA revision. Nipples sit low. Do I need a full lift, donut lift? Or just bigger implants and cut pocket deeper? (Photo)

I'm 22yrs 5'5" 160lbs. Athletic. I had a BA in 2011 and have been unhappy since. I have HP 550cc silicone implants w/ inframmary incision. I want... READ MORE

Graduating From a Donut to Full Lift- Which Pedicle Technique (Wise Pattern) To Avoid Nipple Necrosis?

I am looking to obtain a full lift & downsize to smaller implants. To be clear, I do not smoke and attempt to avoid all secondhand smoke to the... READ MORE

Would 600cc silicone be too much for my body to handle? (Photo)

I got my first BA 12 years ago when I was 19. 350 cc saline filled 400. I was a 34AA and made me a 34c. Had my first child at 25 and once my milk came... READ MORE

How much will a silicone implant exchange with a donut lift cost?

I have capsular contracture in one breast. I have silicone implants. I want more silicone implants and a donut lift/areola reduction. My current... READ MORE

2nd BA, regret going too large. Got 500cc silicone unders, mod-plus implant w/another donut lift. What to do? (photo)

I'm 5'5" 115-120lbs. Regret my decision of having gone lgr and wonder if too large now and if I'll be needing another BA later.Help! I wanted to... READ MORE

Would it look ok if I went down in size with a donut lift?

I have high profile 450cc natrelle high profile silicone implants. I have capsular contracture in my left breast. I was thinking about just having... READ MORE

Do I need a donut lift on my left and does it make you boob look deformed?

Do I need a lift and I want to downsize to 500 cc high profile implant to get more volume on top can that happen if I downsize READ MORE

Is it possible to do a donut breast lift with areola reduction and smaller implants on my breasts? (photo)

Hi, First after my augmentation (900cc each) they looked great, but now my natural breasts (34DD before surgery) dropped down (also one sits higher).... READ MORE

Will donut lift give me a round look? Shift my implants to over? if I switch to big implant will it give me breast fold? photo

26 years old,i had 330 cc Mentor Silicone CPG anatomical under muscle inframamlar about over a year ago,i was a little constricted in lower pole.they... READ MORE

Post surgery issues. Revision. Thoughts on course of action to achieve best athsetically looking natural result? (Photo)

I had breast aug in April 2013. 300cc sub musc textured mentor implants along with a Donut lift. I had wound healing issues and scarred very badly.... READ MORE

Do I need a revision? (photo)

I am a little over 6 months post op I'm 550cc mentor silicone gummy bear on both sides. They look dramatically lopsided to me my cleavage is uneven... READ MORE

Will the following achieve this look? Gummy Bear HP Circluar 550cc, under muscle, Donut Lift, Areola Reconstruction? (Photo)

Two years ago I had implants and it was suggested that I have a (DD over the muscle, mod-445, silicone)and It turned out horribly wrong.In two weeks I... READ MORE

Do I need a doughnut lift to fix asymmetrical nipple which is low and large? (Photo)

I edited one of the pictures to my ideal results I'm looking for, are these results possible? Seems that with just fixing the nipple the entire breast... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision - Please weigh in. How do I fix this? (photos)

So many options. I've always had more breast tissue on the one side (droopy side/right side). Last surgery we put 275 filled to 330 on that side. On... READ MORE

I really want a lift and wondering if the donut lift is appropriate for me? (photos)

I had implants per recommendation by my surgeon for a lift which I ended up hating because they were huge and I didn't feel comfortable. I have always... READ MORE

Donut or lollipop lift? (Photo)

I will be redoing my implants in two weeks. I want a certain look and this is what I currently have: 445cc-mods-overs w/areola reconstruction. It was... READ MORE

Revision needed after breast augmentation. How many cc will do the magic? (Photo)

Hello. I had 275cc silicon unders through the inframamary 3 months ago along with crescent lift to correct tubular breasts. I'm not happy with the... READ MORE

Lift & implant, looking to explant; If I got donut lift plus implant, what would my outcome be if I decided to remove implant?

If I got a donut lift plus an implant ... What would my outcome be if I decided to remove implant READ MORE

Replaced implants in both breasts. Donut lift on both. Do I need revision surgery? (Photo)

Right Brest looks good. Left breast is puckered and strange shape areola. They look like two different surgeons operated. Will the left breast resolve... READ MORE

3 months post op, I had a breast implant exchange. I'm itchy, hot, and my breast still smell from surgery. Is this normal?

I  had a donut lift, capsulated implant & my lt pocket closed. I'm having issues& have been with my revision BA 3 months ago. I have cut... READ MORE

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