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BA revision, (most likely) bottoming out, double bubble, lateral displacement, and muscle flexion deformity (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation performed 10/2008. I went from a big A to a DD. From my research, I had concluded that I had tuberous breasts, however; my... READ MORE

Lateral and Inferior Displacement of Implants - Capsulorraphy

I have read that it's necessary to use permanent sutures to repair an over-dissected pocket and raise the fold. I've also read that... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision Due to Lateral Displacement? (photo)

I'm almost 2 months post op. My implants aren't dropping much and they are so oddly shifted under my arms that I cant even wear a normal top.... READ MORE

I'm Trying to Figure out How What my Best Option is for Lateral Displacement? (photo)

Hey, I previously asked about over or unders for 800cc implants. I have 500cc mod+ now and had 650cc hp the first time. I had a capsular contracture... READ MORE

I have 500 high profile saline implants & would like to downsize to 300cc moderate profile silicone. Would I need a lift?(photo)

I also have right lateral displacement and botomming out... Would downsizing by 200cc be too much? I know I'll need a lift I am 120lbs and 5'6" READ MORE

Do I Have a Displaced Implant, Its Rounded at Top, big Indentation on Side Ever Since Surgery 10 Days Ago? (photo)

Other Implant Perfect I had a breast implant exchange, 14 year old moderate silicone 500cc over muscle to moderate plus 500cc under muscle. Old... READ MORE

6wks ago bilateral displacement of L implant & scalloping of overfilled R implants. HP, gel, now need another revison. (Photo)

Revision 6 wks ago for bilateral dis L implant I had 550 saline filled 625cc and R implant 550 filled to 675cc. I downsized w/silicone gel hp implants... READ MORE

Will Capsulotomy Solve This Problem? (photo)

5 months post op and despite aggressive breast displacement massage and Accolate for 3 mos Rt breast still higher than Lt (feels like it is stuck in... READ MORE

How Successful is Creating a New Pocket Vs Sutures for Breast Implant Revisions?

5'3 100lbs 350/375cc mod+ silicones I have lateral discplacement (according to my new PS it is from sleeping on my stomach) and horrible keloid scars.... READ MORE

Will I Get a Better Result for a Lateral Displacement if I Remove my Implants for 6months?

After leaking PiPs 365cc removed and replaced for Eurosilicone 325cc 4months ago I developed lateral displacement 6wks after replacement and the right... READ MORE

Slight lateral displacement or only flex distortion? Is it worth a revision - thoughts? (photos)

Anchor lift with 250cc saline unders Feb '14. The left side feels like I am carrying around a floppy boulder and the implant dislocates to the left -... READ MORE

Would I qualify as a candidate for pocket revision for lateral displacement? (Photo)

4 months po, feel like I have lateral displacement, my ps disagrees and says its natural for them to go to the sides more because of the size (600 HP... READ MORE

Do I have lateral displacement? (Photo)

Standing up my aeola are 4 1/2 inches from the center of my chest. When I lay flat it is at least 3" before I can feel the implant ( I can actually... READ MORE

Malpositioned implant....Asymmetry....Lateral Displacement? BWD to narrow for frame. (Photo)

My right breast is situated farther laterally, displaces to the outside when lying down and has less cleavage demarcation than the left breast. I had... READ MORE

What needs to be done to get the perkiness back? (photos)

475ccSal>300SiliconMod+(sub) due to lat.displacement. Capsullorapphy done-no lift. 6 weeks postop; unhappy w results so far. Implants seem to be... READ MORE

Is mesh necessary in bottoming out, double bubble, and lateral displacement revisions?

I bottomed out in both breasts by 5 weeks after surgery. I had 325/350 silicone implants under the muscle. In addition to bottoming out, I have double... READ MORE

Do I need a revision? (Photo)

Post op, now I know they do drop but my breast have dropped to low and I have heaps of upper chest wall, My PS said I didnt need a lift when I... READ MORE

Bottoming out again or implant not dropping? (Photo)

9th surgery in the last 20 years, 6 weeks post revision. Prev had bottomed out and laterally displaced, left breast was prev displaced and bottomed... READ MORE

Can massage/displacement of the implants after BA revision change the final results in a bad way?

Hello, I had an open capsulectomy on my right breast to remove Capsular Contracture (Grade II/III) and upgraded to bigger implants. My PS instructed... READ MORE

How many more cc's do I need to achieve desired look/fullness? Getting revision for lateral displacement. (Photo)

I am planning a revision surgery for lateral displacement (shown in above picture). I'm considering increasing implant size to achieve a fuller look.... READ MORE

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