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Loose Skin and Rippling 4 Weeks Post Under the Muscle Silicone Breast Revision Surgery (photo)

I went from over to under the muscle silicone revision surgery. My right breast has loose skin on the outer side, unnatural shape, rippling in... READ MORE

Terrible Breast Surgery, Can Nipples Be Fixed? (photo)

Over 5 years ago a doctor cut around my nipples and did a lift, then put implants in. The breast right away started to look crazy, the nipples are two... READ MORE

BA 5/2012 Natrelle Teardrop Subglandular. Second Opinion For Visible Knuckling? (photo)

I had BA in May 2012 with natrelle teardrop implants 360mm subglandularly. Since healing I have palpable folds and edges in both breasts. Right breast... READ MORE

Indentation in Breast Needs 2nd Revision? (photo)

My PS now told me that at 6 wks she will need to make a 2nd inframammary incision to cut the tendon that is running across the breast horizontally... READ MORE

3 days post op Breast implant revision, I now notice a dent. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had a revision on my right breast 3 days ago for bottoming out. I took the tape off today and noticed a dent in my breast. I asked the nurse... READ MORE

What is causing this dent? And can massage help get rid of this? (photos)

I had my breast implants done over a month ago, but a month in my left breast had a seroma so I had to have a 2nd surgery. The dent in the left breast... READ MORE

Indentation in Clevage 1 Year Post Op

I had revision surgery 12 months ago at four weeks I noticed a dent in my clevage . I'm thinking of revision surgery . Do you think it can be fixed... READ MORE

Will my lower pole, which feels empty and has a dent 4 wks after revision, fill out or will I require another revision? (photo)

Original surgery was 12 weeks ago. I had the split muscle technique and textured round, silicone 520CC implants. The left one was higher than the... READ MORE

Revision Advice Please...339 Cc Silicone Moderate Round Smooth to Cohesive Gel Textured + Strattice 35,000.00 Total? (photo)

2008, 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone. Pocket revision 1 year reposition + internal sutures Total both $15,000 Weight gain 10-15 from medication... READ MORE

Lumpy, Dented, Droopy Breast Following Revision Surgery?

9 wks ago I had revision surgery following double bubble deformities,460cc gel ehp under muscle.The db deformities happened following re-augmentation... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? Do I need a revision surgery? (Photo)

Currently 6 weeks post op. The breast that I am concerned about(left) had excess bruising at 2 weeks PO. I developed a flat spot at week 4-5 post-op.... READ MORE

Denting After Symmastia Repair?

I am 10 days post symmastia repair, b4 i was 325CC over muscle, i went with 500CC under muscle but there is still denting, my PS has formed something... READ MORE

I recently had a lift/implant exchange. My left boob looks indented, on the top middle part of my boob. Do I need a revision?

What is the best way to fix this problem?? My doc wanted to go under the muscle, but he was not able to lift it. Before surgery I had 760cc saline... READ MORE

What can I expect from breast implant revision? (Photo)

My 375 HP silicone implants look awful. I have a weird dent in the cleavage of my right breast which is most noticeable when I push my breasts... READ MORE

Will the 'dent' underneath left breast work itself out? What would cause this? (photos)

Had breast implant replacement surgery 4 weeks ago. Right breast great, left has not 'settled in' 100% yet. A small 'dent' exists on the underside the... READ MORE

I have a dent in my breast, What is it? What is it from? Was it preventable? Can it be fixed? Double Bubble? (photos)

Original augmentation done may 2011. 4 weeks later I tore the upper pec muscle? I had the have the implant removed and replaced and all the blood... READ MORE

Do I have to pay if I want to redo my breast implants that I had done recently?

I just had breast argumentation on 6/17/15. But the are sagging and I have a dent on my right breast at the cleavage area. My left breast have 250cc... READ MORE

Will open capsulotomy fix the dent at incision site on my right breast? Had 2nd BA 2012- 325cc silicone Mentor MP. (photo)

- org BA 1989. I am now having revision surgery in a month on my right breast. Both of my breasts are very soft however my right breast has a... READ MORE

Contracture Revision Questions: 485cc silicone implants placed under muscle 4 weeks ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had more pain and swelling on the right side from day 1. I had a dent in the cleavage & rectangular shape. @ 4 weeks post op I developed sharp pains... READ MORE

Nipple is connected to the muscle. (photos)

Please help! After a revision my right nipple is now connected to muscle and shape is very weird and higher than the left!!! What should I do???? I... READ MORE

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