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Is Surgery Required to Deflate a Saline Implant?

I got my implants 13 years ago, and have hated them from the first day. They both looked so high up near my collar bone, and did not look natural.... READ MORE

Deflating a Breast Implant at Home

The left side of my breast implant has deflated since April 2010. I do not have funds to have my other breast removed at a doctors. I've checked... READ MORE

Can I Get Saline Implants Deflated a Little if I Think They're Too Big?

Can I get my saline implants deflated a little if I think they are too big? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision Options After Deflation

I had 550 cc moderate profile saline implants done in 2005 thru the armpit. Last week I had deflation in one breast. I've been to four... READ MORE

Subglandular Saline Implant Deflation in Doctor's Office, What Happens to Shell Until Removed?

Considering implant deflation in the office. What happens to the shell after saline is removed since my implants are NOT behind my muscle? Will they... READ MORE

Replace Implants to Smaller Size? (photo)

Replace to smaller implants.Placed 2007. Mentor Saline MP 425cc filled to 460 and 457. I am 5'6 and currently 119lbs. 34D to DD. 30yr no kids.Previous... READ MORE

Should I Have my Implant 150cc -200cc Placed for Upper Pole Fullness or Will It Fill Up More over Time? (photo)

I had a full lift and 330cc implant to my original saggier 34DD breast back in Nov. 7th...I was unhappy after surgery due to them being too big with... READ MORE

Purposely Deflating Implants when Pregnant

I need a breast implant redo for bottoming out and to go smaller. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant. I heard I can get them deflated with a needle and... READ MORE

Should I Have Gotten a Breast Lift with Implant Exchange? (photo)

I recently had to have an implant exchange due to deflation. I went from saline to silicone (mod plus). Of the 4 consults I went to, only 1 doctor... READ MORE

Swelling After Deflated Implant Replacement and Capsulectomy, When Will It Go Down For Good?

I had a saline deflation L breast replaced 1.10.12, approx. 2 weeks after deflation. During the surgery the capsule came out with the deflated implant... READ MORE

Possible To Downsize Implants? Had Too Huge Implants Deflated Right After Surgery.

I'm 24yrs old, 5'4" and 98lbs - VERY petite looking. Went in asking for a "C" cup and ended up with 32DDD. Received 480CC... READ MORE

8 Yr Old McGhan Implants Deflated, How Do I Choose What Type of Implant to Replace them With?

Are there any studies that have shown why one is better than the other. Also, I am now considering the new silicone gel implant, how safe is the... READ MORE

I've had implants but are left not satisfied with the result. What needs to be done to achieve smaller, perkier breasts? (photo)

Hello, in September last year I had implants in England, as I had being deflated and left with a lot of excess skin from having children. I am very... READ MORE

Breast Revision Lump, Small and Saggy? (photo)

I recently had a breast revision 3 weeks ago due to a deflated saline implant on my right side. Went with 510 Silicone (from 390 saline). I don't have... READ MORE

My Right (Saline) Implant Seems to Be Deflating (Slowly) I Am Freaking Out, What Should I Do?

I had saline implants in September of 2004 and have never had an issue with them. Over the course of the last week I felt like my right breast was... READ MORE

Would There Be a Big Difference in Size Between a Mentor Moderate 375-425 Implant Versus a Mentor Mod Plus 375-450?

I am 5ft 3in. I currently have allergen 360-390 and have a deflation. So I am wanting to go up just a little. I am already a 34 DDD BWD is 14cm with a... READ MORE

I Believe I Have Capsule Contraction, Can They Be Fixed?

I am not sure if i have capsule contraction or bottoming out all i know is i am really unhappy with them. is there anything i can do to have this... READ MORE

Replacing Deflated Implant w/ a Larger Implant

One of my Implats Deflated, I Am Replacing It with More Cc.Will It Fill my Extra Skin? I am not wanting to get a lift,but If I go bigger on the... READ MORE

​I have ruptured saline implant under the muscle. Would silicone implant under the muscle be the best option for me? (photo)

Is Silicone preferred currently?should thin skin go Under muscle? Is waiting risky with deflated implant of saline? Case is a ruptured left implant... READ MORE

Can My Breasts Be Fixed? (photo)

Breast reduction in 1988 , too much tissue taken from the left breast made left side a full A cup and Right side a full B, 5 yrs later had implants... READ MORE

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