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Breast Lift/Augmentation- Too Large? (photo)

It has been 3 months since my breast augmentation and crescent lift. I had expressed to my doctor my desire to have more shape, but did not want to be... READ MORE

After DDD Breast Implants, Want Breast Reduction & Mastoplexy

Had implants 5 yrs ago ... I am 5'11, 130 pds.. after starting hormones, my breasts are now DDD ... want to reduce to a C or D ... for my height,... READ MORE

430 cc ultra high gel implants plus breast lift have given me too much fullness and projection for my 5'3 - 114 lb frame -

I would like to have an implant exchange to a high profile gel implant and would like to look sexy and not top heavy - perhaps a 325 - 350 cc... READ MORE

Should I Have Another Revision and How Long Should I Wait? (photo)

I am 12 weeks post op from a revision. I had a donut lift with implant exchange to 550HP and an Internal Bra. I feel like the donut lift was not... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision? Smaller Implants Needed? (photo)

3.5 months ago I had 425cc mentor memory gel, mod+ profile implants placed under the muscle, crease incision. I was completely flat chested pre-op,... READ MORE

Breast Reduction After Lift and Breast Implants? (photo)

Hello, I'm very disappointed with the size of my breasts, I used to be a 32D now I'm a 32DDD. I was hoping for a C cup because my breast were very... READ MORE

Wanting to Know if Ultra High Implants Will Work on Me? (photo)

Started with a 34/c and a I'm a 34/ DDD now . I have 420 cc saline HP . Had revision on right breast with internal stitches now shape is so different... READ MORE

Need to Downsize/revision with Capsullorhaphy and Need to Seek Additional Consultations? (photo)

I have 400cc implants & would like to downsize to just fill out my preop breasts. Im a DDD now and WAY too large. I am seeking a few consultations... READ MORE

Would There Be a Big Difference in Size Between a Mentor Moderate 375-425 Implant Versus a Mentor Mod Plus 375-450?

I am 5ft 3in. I currently have allergen 360-390 and have a deflation. So I am wanting to go up just a little. I am already a 34 DDD BWD is 14cm with a... READ MORE

Periareolar vs lollipop lift. Which would be better for perkier, fuller breasts? 32DDD, 525cc moderate profile implants. (Photo)

I'm 5"6' about 125 pounds with 2 kids that were both breastfed. I'm approximately a 32DDD with 525 cc moderate profile implants. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Can I safely swap my 440MP for 545HP and achieve a bigger look? I don't want perkier, just bigger. (Photo)

I asked this question before and I think my point was missed. I asked my PS for D/DD as got DDD (more than I asked for). I also brought in photos and... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Sag if I Reduce Implant Size. Side Breast Too Big?

8 yrs ago, I had a tuck, lipo, breast lift & breast aug. Great results except breast size.I was told a lift would reduce breast size. I had been a... READ MORE

What's the best option & cost to give me perkier, higher & firmer breast? Currently 450cc saline under the muscle (Photo)

I breastfed for 16 months & wanted to repair my deflated breast. My surgeon advised me against a lift due to scarring, recovery & future children. We... READ MORE

Will my Breast Return to Original Appearance or Will I Have to Undergo a Breast Reduction/lift?

I was 125lbs when I had my breast augmentation almost two years ago. With in these two years I reached 162lbs and I went from a D cup at surgery to a... READ MORE

My left breast is tuberous and my right breast is normal. Under the muscle implants, left sits much higher. What to do? (photo)

I'm 118 lbs, 5'4". I currently wear a 30DDD or a 32DD sized bra. Right normal breast: Has a 200cc implant, under the muscle. Is a little saggy Left... READ MORE

Can I have an "Internal Bra" procedure done with large implants? (Photo)

I had surgery April 19th 2016 (almost a year) and had 520cc put in. I was a small A cup before and now bigger than a DDD. I recently was told the my... READ MORE

I want bigger implants ! Is it possible with my frame? (Photo)

I was 32B/34A before surgery (see photo) and now I'm a 32 DDD(Victoria secret size). I have 450 cc silicone implants. Could my frame handle 550 or 600... READ MORE

Is it worth it to exchange Moderate Plus for HP implants? (Photo)

I had a BL with BA about 3 months ago with MP profile implants. I am pleased with the lift but I think my breasts look too wide. I still have a lot of... READ MORE

Currently have 500 cc mp implants... I'm trying to determine how much larger I can go. (photo)

I'm 5'5" 123 lbs.. I have the space for a bigger implant.. I've had 3 kids. My implants were done before my 3rd child so I feel like they've dropped... READ MORE

110 lbs 5'2" breast implant revision #2. Contemplating Inspira srm 330 or srf 345. Dr wants me to pick size. (photos)

Circa 1980 ruptured, replaced with421cc style 15 (2015) and anchor lift (1) revision lower pocket ( 4-2016) 1st revision Doctor lowered both pockets... READ MORE

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