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Will Going from 371cc to 213cc Natrelle Style 15 Implants Make a Dramatic Difference? (photo)

I am 39 years old, 5'6' and 125 lbs. Before breast implants I was a Small 34B. I am a 34D now. I never wanted big breasts. I only wanted my deflated... READ MORE

Can I Go from 350cc Gel High Profile to 275cc Gel High Profile at 4 Months Post Op?

I am 4"11" and now weight 110 lbs. I had a breast augmentation Dec 29th 2010. 350cc gel high profile was placed in my breast. I was a 32A... READ MORE

Would I need a lift if I want smaller implants? (photo)

Hi I've had implants for 4 years now and since I've had them I've never really liked them. I think they are too big for my body frame. I'm 4'11 and... READ MORE

Will Downsizing from 450ccs (D Cup) to 350ccs Give Me a C Cup?

I really wanted a C cup but ended up with a D/DD Cup. I chose the 420ccs but the doc filled them to 450ccs. I've had my implants for 2 years. READ MORE

Downsizing Due to Double Capsule/Late Seroma?

My original implants are 354cc textured mods over the muscle. I was hospitalized due to infection 2.5 years po. Now I'm having them removed and want... READ MORE

I'm getting a revision and want to go from D (475 CC) to a small C. How many ccs would give me the look I want?

Hello there thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am 5'7 and weight 145 pounds my bra size is 36 d with round profile, filled... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a reductive breast aug? I got two conflicting answers and now I'm unsure of what to do (Photo)

My current breast implants are 425cc silicone gel placed on top of the muscles. I am unhappy about the large size, the low profile, and the rippling.... READ MORE

What can cause replacement implants to appear smaller?

I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago.I replaced my saline implants with wider silicone implant.My ps said he put 450cc and stitched the sides of my... READ MORE

Going smaller, need advice. I would like to be a C cup.

I'm downsizing from 500cc and can't decide how small to go. I'm 5'3" tall, weigh 115 lbs, and am currently 50 years old. I wear a 34D and feel its too... READ MORE

Had saline breast implants in 2009, I notice my breast are itchy and my nipples have dark circles around them. (photos)

In the last year my breast have been growing. I notice I am itchy alott. Also notice dark brownish disscoloration around my nipples. I get a annual... READ MORE

11 day post op - wanted them round, bigger, full and in center with cleavage, not as much of the fake look. (photos)

Revision from 15 years ago. They shrunk and moved towards the armpit. I thought i didn't look too swollen or big after surgery but wasn't concerned.... READ MORE

I had skin saving double mastectomy & I am ready for silicone implants. I am confused about which are the most appropriate.

I was only presented with round implants under the muscle by my doctor. I was d cup, and currently have app 750 cc saline expanders. I am a medium to... READ MORE

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