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I didn't want large breasts; I wanted a flat stomach and my pre-pregnancy perky breasts back. Can I have a revision? (Photo)

I made a big mistake and had a crescent breast lift with saline implants over the muscle along with lipo to my stomach. I did not want large breasts I... READ MORE

How do I get the roundness and definition I wanted? How do i get rid of the droopiness? (photos)

1st had crescent lift with BA. Didn't fix the problem. Revisit with BL. Now it seems to look horrible at my fold and they still look like old droopy... READ MORE

On my 4th week after augmentation, how soon could a Revision surgery be done? (photos)

What could've gone wrong? I had breast augmentation with Cresentlift saline fill on June 22, left (400cc) breast lost all of its volume and right... READ MORE

What are my options for a revision surgery to have more lift and correct the migration of my right implant? (Photo)

Crecent lift and 600 cc silicone unders jan.15.2015 I'm very unhappy with the amount of sag I have left and I am also concerned about my right breast... READ MORE

To fix my double bubble& windowshading animation, Dr suggests a switch from smooth to textured implants & crescent lift. (photo)

My surgery was 12-14-15, my 3 month follow up was 3-15-16. I have double bubble deformity & windowshading animation & daily pain. The distance from... READ MORE

Had a revision 3 months ago & 1 breast is suddenly lower again.What could be causing this & will I need another surgery?(photos)

I had my original breast surgery 1.5 yrs ago. A yr later, my left implant ruptured. I had the revision surgery 12 wks ago. An implant... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Do I need my pocket lowered or my nipples lifted? (photos)

This is a follow up question to a question I asked last week. I had my 3 month post op checkup today. My surgeon thinks instead of my implants being... READ MORE

What can be done to prevent capsular contracture again? (Photo)

I just have BA Revision done 6 days ago, had 19 yr old saline removed & replaced. 500cc in my right & 525cc in my left. They were done transumbilical... READ MORE

Breast lift surgery with silicone implants performed November 2016. Should I insist on a revision surgery? (Photo)

At 3 mon appt, express dissatisfaction with results. Left breast (410) bigger than right (385) & nipple lower on left. PS didn't really see a... READ MORE

Saline subglandular revision to silicone with capsular contracture. Over or under muscle? Crescent lift or mastopexy? (Photo)

I'm 5'1"/49 yr F that's very confused b/c of so many diff opinions. Had saline implants put over muscle 25 yrs ago & want to go smaller. Got C/C which... READ MORE

7 weeks post op pain. Normal?

I had a capsulectomy and a crescent lift 7 weeks ago. I had drains for 8 days before they were removed. My incisions are healed but I have some... READ MORE

How long will I know before I know I need revision on my right breast? (Photos)

I recently had a breast augmentation and crescent lift. I have put the pre op photo in for a reference. I got silicon round high profile 325cc in left... READ MORE

JP drain wound healing....

I had a capsulectomy, replacement & a crescent lift done 25 days ago. I had the drains for 8 days. My left drain hurt when removed, had a burning... READ MORE

Can I downsize up to 200cc without anchor lift? (photos)

10 yr old 800s. Age 44 thick skin, no stitch marks.will skin still shrink. Can I close lower and lateral pocket for IMF lift and crescent raise nipple... READ MORE

Will going under the muscle alleviate the weight of the implant causing my skin stretching? (photos)

I had 310cc implantation in front of the muscle with a crescent mastopexy in 3/2014, as soon as the swelling went down I was unhappy with the results... READ MORE

Can I do anything to improve the appearance of my breast s/p replacement due to ruptured implant and crescent lift? (Photo)

Is there anything I can do to improve the appearance of my breast s/p replacement due to ruptured implant and crescent lift. I'm am 7 weeks post op... READ MORE

Can a crescent lift fix my breasts? (Photo)

A week ago I replaced my teardrop 390s with smooth rounds 550s. My breast tissue before was hanging off the teardrops and I had constant pain and very... READ MORE

How can I achieve a more round natural look? (photo)

I have had 3 breast surgeries in the past year. I recently switched from anatomicals to smooth rounds and am So much happier with the feel. However I... READ MORE

What needs to be done to fix these? 6months post-op crescent lift 457cc moderate profile silicone. (Photos)

At my consultation I was told all I needed was a crescent lift w implants. One breast is larger than the other now and they are is also... READ MORE

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