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Are there Any Other Choices to Fix Double Bubble Other than Lowering Crease? (photo)

January 2011:1.BA 550cc HP submuscular, resulted in dubble bubble, muscle flex distortion and capsular contractur. May 2011: Explant. October 2011: 2... READ MORE

BA revision, (most likely) bottoming out, double bubble, lateral displacement, and muscle flexion deformity (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation performed 10/2008. I went from a big A to a DD. From my research, I had concluded that I had tuberous breasts, however; my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Dropped Below Crease - Do I Need a Revision?

I had breast lift and augmentation surgery 10 weeks ago. My left implant has dropped below where the crease line should/will be, while my right... READ MORE

Breast Implant Scar Sits Below the Crease. Will Revision Surgery Help? Cost? (photo)

(asked this question 3 years ago) It's been 6 years since my implants and still considering revision surgery. I feel my implants sit too high. You... READ MORE

What is This Crease/line Under my Left Breast From?

My initial breast aug was a little over 10 years ago. My left implant bottomed out & I went in for a revision of the left breast a year after I... READ MORE

Reduction in Breast Implant and Areola Size

I have 450ccs on both breast under muscle, crease. Originally I wanted aerola incision & reduction ( and C cup)but doc said aerola would like fine... READ MORE

5 weeks post op. Breast replacement 620 cc to 360 cc and breast lift. My breast do not look right. (Photo)

I am Post op 5 weeks. My breasts feel way to low and not enough top pole fullness. I noticed the underneath of my breasts have creases and are hanging... READ MORE

Revision for one droopy breast? (Photo)

So I am 1 month post op. Was wondering how I could go about fixing the droopiness of my left breast. I notice the cleavage is uneven and the creases... READ MORE

What is the average distance nipple to crease and how do you measure it?

What is the ideal distance nipple to crease for a C-D cup? Specifically 371cc. Do you measure it from nipple to crease or bottom areola to crease ?... READ MORE

My BA Scars Are Below the Creases?

My BA was performed 2 1/2 months ago and has settled nicely, the implants are well positioned and centered on my nipples. My 200cc saline implants... READ MORE

My Breast Crease Revision Has Ruined my Symmetry. What Went Wrong? (photo)

I had no crease under one breast after replacing old implants so I asked for a revision because I assumed the breast would slip down over time. Post... READ MORE

How much work is entailed in raising the inframammary fold? Is it worth it? (photo)

Had my old 350 cc saline implants recently replaced for a 550 ish cc silicone gel implants (currently 3 months post op). My new implants are about a... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Pocket Revision, Crease Made Higher?

I've had implants for 4 years and would like them downsized a LOT and the crease made higher. I have stretchmarks from the implants. I had no tissue... READ MORE

Do I have a double bubble after breast lift? (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post op. I had a breast lift with an implant replacement going smaller from 620cc to 360cc. I'm concerned because I feel like the lower... READ MORE

My surgeon got me to wear a strap and my right implant has gone under my crease line. Where to go from here? (Photo)

I had my first surgery in 2013 (375cc gel). My left implant wasn't dropping and my right implant was perfect. I went back and my surgeon had me try a... READ MORE

Do you think I'll require a revision surgery? (Photo)

I had 325 cc implants unders done a month ago. I know it's early and it takes months to know what you'll look like at the end but my left crease is... READ MORE

Implant Removal and Crease Restoration ?!

My PS lowered my creases a bit when he put in my implants. I had augmentation about 7 weeks ago, how likely is it that my PS will be able to restore... READ MORE

Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Surgery July 2015, 340cc cohesive gel, under the muscle, crease incision. Everything was perfectly normal until around Dec 2015 when I noticed my... READ MORE

One breast sits lower than the other; how can this be fixed?

I had a BA 12 weeks ago 250cc mod+ overs. My surgeon lowered my left incision as this was my smaller breast & sat slightly higher than the other.... READ MORE

Why did implants drop low on chest when upsizing?Can this be reversed?Is my breast shelf destroy?Can they be high again?(photo)

Originally had 450cc, then 300cc, now 425cc (silicone, crease, understand, HP). Now implants too low on chest. Surgeon stated he: released muscle in... READ MORE

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