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Need to Downsize/revision with Capsullorhaphy and Need to Seek Additional Consultations? (photo)

I have 400cc implants & would like to downsize to just fill out my preop breasts. Im a DDD now and WAY too large. I am seeking a few consultations... READ MORE

Surgeon is Going to Charge me Surgeon Fees for Implant Revision After He Told Me he Wouldn't, What Should I Do/Say?

I received my breast augmentation 4 months ago. About 2 months ago, I stated to my surgeon I was unhappy with the size. I wanted bigger. I am 5'9,... READ MORE

Which breast augmentation revision doctors in the Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley (california) area give free consultations?

Which doctors in the Los Angeles / San Gabriel Valley (california) area specialize in breast augmentation revision, and give free consultations? Or... READ MORE

How Should I Prepare for Breast Augmentation Revision Consultation with New PS? (photo)

This question may sound silly, but I am feeling high anxiety about finding a PS to do a revision on my previously revised breast aug. Before having my... READ MORE

Why Do Plastic Surgeons All Have Different Opinions on the Re-usage of Breast Implants?

When I had initial breast augmentation my surgeon stated it was proper procedure to reuse them in the revision surgery for malposition. I have talked... READ MORE

Is it necessary to tighten pockets when downsizing implants with a lift? (Photo)

I am downsizing from 400cc moderate siltex mentor to somewhere between 215cc -235cc moderate smooth implants along with a lift. One PS I consulted... READ MORE

Unhappy with results after breast implants. (photos)

During the consultation we spoke about a D/C size using 300cc high profile implants, PS mentioned I have a chest cavity so had to be high profile. I... READ MORE

I have 375cc after first breast augmentation. What is the biggest I can go for in 2nd surgery? (photos)

About a year ago I had BA surgery and from 70AA (just nipples) went to 75C. 375cc, round, silicone, Motiva implant with high profile was the biggest... READ MORE

I have an upcoming consult. How can I better prepare for my visit? (Photo)

My ba sx was 11 years ago @ phillipines I've since been unsat & body consciou. I was young & ill prepared. I would like to replace my silicone... READ MORE

Will I need another surgery? (Photos)

Had a mastopexy with BA in April. Saline under the muscle 550 moderate plus. Implants were high and laterally displaced. Had a revision with lowering... READ MORE

Picked wrong surgeon: Is it wrong to return to a surgeon you interviewed with but did not choose?

I went on 2 consultations to fix my symmstia repair. I choose the one who suposed to have more experience, has been a leader. Teacher , has pioneered... READ MORE

Distraught by the results if breast surgery! Do I need a revision? (Photos)

I had breast augmentation and mastopexy 2 weeks ago. During my consultation, my surgeon and I agreeed on 280-320cc (with +25cc on smaller side).... READ MORE

Downsizing from 1300cc overs to 800cc silicone, what would be the best way to do this? (Photos)

I'm 19 years old, and I currently have 1300ccs over the muscle, I got them done on April 12th 2017, I've come to hate how they look and feel, I'm... READ MORE

Revision consult in the Seattle area/Oak Harbor? (Photo)

I'm looking for a second opinion or free consult in the Seattle area/Oak Harbor. My doctor said she can lower the left breast pocket to be the same... READ MORE

3 stage breast revision? (Photo)

I've had my 550 implants for 10 yrs & hate them. So after several consults Next month I'm starting a 3 stage revision process. Stage 1 is removal... READ MORE

I am opting for the textured silicone with the lift, am I bottoming out? (Photos)

I will go over this with my -PS @ my next consultation, but wondering what you would advise as far as staying the same size 500cc. I now understand... READ MORE

What shape implants would be best? (Photo)

I have had 3 consultations with very well respected PS. One has told me that I would need round Implants s as I have no volume at the top . He was... READ MORE

Side effects of Allocate/Claritin for treatment of capsular contracture?

This past week I went for a consult with a new surgeon for capsulectomy. He put me on Allocate to see if it was treatable that way and told me to lay... READ MORE

Breast re-augmentation: How much smaller can one usually go without being concerned about excess skin?

I am slender and originally an A cup, got 350cc saline impants (asked for B's, got F's) was reduced to 300cc silicone 10 years ago I wanted smaller,... READ MORE

Can round cohesive implants generate similar outcome as pure Brazilian tear drop implants? (Photos)

4 yrs ago I went from a small A cup to L:315 (MD) and R:360(HI) using pure Brazilian implants (Silimed) they look lovely but they are firm and don't... READ MORE

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