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After Exchange Surgery Do You Have to Wear a Bra?

I had S/P BM with alloderm. I know that after the exchange surgery I will have to wear a bra for several months. I'm wondering about long term. I... READ MORE

Using a Compression Band After Breast Augmentation?

I just had my saline implants, 515cc, changed to silicone 550cc. I want natural appearance where they "sag." It has been 8 days since my surgery. My... READ MORE

I am interested in a revision for more natural looking results, are my expectations reasonable? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation about 1.5 years ago. I am unhappy with the upper pole fullness, their firmness, and highness. I have 450 cc hp silicone... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Breast Implant. When Will They Fall Into Place?

I had breast implants replaced 11 days ago. Though my right breast is still swollen. my left implant is riding high. the incisions beneath the breast... READ MORE

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? Braless timeframe?

Why do some patients have to wear a compression strap above the breasts? How long after surgery can someone usually go braless? READ MORE

Does the bra or garment you wear after surgery effect the shape of your breasts? (Photo)

Every dr has different instructions on what to wear after surgery, and I want to know if that ultimately affects the shape of your breasts. My first... READ MORE

How soon after pocket revision/capsulectomy to see results?

Had original surgery one year ago ...375HP silicone ,and implants didn't drop d/t small pocket...pocket revision with capsulectomy done 2wks READ MORE

17 days post op, I have great pain caused by the compression bra. Could my compression bra be too tight?

17days ago I had removed 330cc of 15 yrs implants replace with 445cc all is great apart from the pain caused by the compression bra I am to wear:-( I... READ MORE

Will this indent in my implant correct itself? (Photo)

I had implant removal and replace due to capsular contracture 3 weeks ago. I had 315cc anatomical implants put in. The nurse placed the compression... READ MORE

Compression Wrap for Deflated Implants?

When breast implants are deflated by syringe, will I have to wear a compression bandage if I don't plan to replace my implants? READ MORE

What needs to be done to get the perkiness back? (photos)

475ccSal>300SiliconMod+(sub) due to lat.displacement. Capsullorapphy done-no lift. 6 weeks postop; unhappy w results so far. Implants seem to be... READ MORE

What is the problem with left breast after having leak silicone implants replaced w/ textured teardrop ones on 5/28/15? (photo)

Left breast didn't drain properly. Feels tight and rides high compared to right side. Surgeon has me wearing compression bra, massaging, and taking... READ MORE

Implant exchange from 500cc to 375 cc high profile and lift revision. Should I be wearing compression band? (Photo)

4 weeks post op and hoping to fill in lower breast, should I be wearing a compression band? Wanting to see the "drop and fluff, especially in the left... READ MORE

When will breasts stop changing after a bilateral pocket revision?

Had breast implants 1.5 years ago, 450cc silicone hp under the muscle. Had both pockets lowered a week ago because I had too much upper pole.... READ MORE

Is it too late at 5 weeks to use supportive garments or tape to help with an implant dropping too much?

I am 5 wkd po from implant revi, prev bottomed out on one side, went smaller this time and simple implant exchange with no pocket work on the other... READ MORE

Open capsule release. How much swelling is normal, and is it ok that breast is still riding high?

My right breast developed capsule contracter. The capsule wasn't thick but it made my right breast implant ride high. My dr did a capsule release on... READ MORE

Breast swollen with fluid? 1 month post breast implant revision. (photo)

10 years ago I had BA. Recently I had left replaced due to leak and it got a capsular contrature only 2 months. I then had both removed and replaced 6... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Mastopexy and Augmentation-Breasts completely different? Right nipple higher? What should i do? (photo)

I am getting more nervous as time is going on about the shape difference if my breasts, i have been wearing the compression band and always wearing my... READ MORE

Bra size after compression bra: will I still be an E cup in normal bra size after six weeks? (Photo)

Was fitted pre surgery for compression bra 8E and wanting to know if after the 6 weeks I would still be a E Cup in normal bra size :-) one breast had... READ MORE

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