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Are my Breast Implants Bottomed Out?

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and 7 weeks post op. Since 1 week pots op I concerns about my left breast has bottoming out. I am a... READ MORE

Do Cohesive Gel Breast Implants Require Replacement After 10 Years?

Had my consult with my PS. He said salines could last a lifetime given there are no problems. He said that cohesive gel silicones would require... READ MORE

Can I Add Volume to 400cc Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Cohesive Gel Implants?

Hello, I had BA yesterday, Mentor smooth round high profile cohesive gel 400 cc's. Is it possible to add more cc's to this type of implant. If... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend for One Sided Recurring Capsular Contracture? Cohesive Gels?

I have had my implants changed x3 in 6 yrs and most recently just had a capsulectomy on the right, with return of the capsule w/in 2 months. It is... READ MORE

Does my Surgeon Need to Fix my Uneven Breast

I have my breast implant a month ago,but the breast are uneven. Before I went in for surgery, my surgeon notice the different in my breast size, but... READ MORE

Gummy bear anatomic implants vs cohesive smooth round - is it a tradeoff between looking natural and feeling natural?

Hi, trying to select implants for my reoperation due to capsular contracture, overly full upper pole and visible knuckling. Will move from over to... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision- Overs to Unders for Rippling? (photo)

Two years ago I had 410cc textured High Profile, silicone cohesive gels placed over the muscle. It took me from a 34b to 34D.I was told I needed to go... READ MORE

Which size would you use for a breast implant exchange? (Photo)

I currently have 380cc silicone round implants and wear a size B bra. I had nothing to begin with. It's time to change them. I would like a D. I am... READ MORE

Bottomed out with textured implants? (Photo)

445cc-495cc mentor memory shape implants, textured anatomical cohesive gel silicone submuscular. 6 mos post op. I bottomed out with textured but i... READ MORE

Capsular contracture on my left, or implant pocket stretching/too big on right. (photos)

14 months PO/cohesive gel implants/submuscular placement/ifm incision /325 L, 350 R. I am worried that my left is more round and feels/appears larger... READ MORE

I have extreme Muscle Flex deformity from sub pectoral Mentor cohesive gel implants. I don't want to sacrifice strength by cutti

I had the surgery a year ago.Whenever I engage my pecs the implants shift laterally under my armpits. It's very disturbing. I am a personal trainer by... READ MORE

Lump of Silicone (From Leaking Implant) As Diagnosed by Ultrasound, Should I Be Concerned About Losing Lymph Nodes?

I recently found a fairly large lump in my armpit(grape size). I had a dbl. mastectomy 5 years ago (no radiation, no chemo, no lymph node removal) and... READ MORE

Will my psoriasis cause a problem with the outcome of the surgery? Is there PS that also specialize with skin in the LA Area?

13 years ago I had saline breast implants placed under the muscle. In the last 5 years I have been diagnosis with Psoriasis which I am treating with... READ MORE

Is there a difference in look switching from saline high profile to cohesive gel ULTRA high?

I have 550ccs HP saline right now and exchanging them for 650 UHP Cohesive gel by Mentor.Will I see any different at all? READ MORE

Wanting to downsize implants modestly. How many CCs do I need to achieve this look? (Photo)

I have 600 High Profile gels and would like to downsize a bit in diameter and a bit in fullness. I was thinking between 125 cc - 150 cc. The first 3... READ MORE

Do the Natrelle Cohesive Gel Implants Tend to Pop Around the Breast Pocket when Pressed Instead of Flowing Like Old Silicone?

I've noticed this odd occurrence when pressing on the implant, that it just shifts from one location to another in the breast pocket that was created,... READ MORE

Implants settled too low, nipples too high? (photos)

Surgery July 2015, 340cc cohesive gel, under the muscle, crease incision. Everything was perfectly normal until around Dec 2015 when I noticed my... READ MORE

Would 520 cc cohesive gel extra full projection fit my 13.5 cm chest?

I got my breast augmentation done in 2007 after my first child and after my second child I have noticed some breast tissue loss and rippling. I now... READ MORE

Should I postpone Sientra breast aug revision in light of recent issues at Silimed manufacturing plant?

I recently read that some E.U. Countries and Australia suspended the use of Sientra/Silimed products. Sientra also halted U.S. sales & asked plastic... READ MORE

Textured or smooth breast implants? (Photo)

I have mentor textured cohesive gels under muscle 600cc but ill go for 800cc since i want them bigger with more upper fullness and roundness. i was... READ MORE

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