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Breast Implant Revision, Do Plastic Surgeons Offer Payment Plans?

My journey started in july2010 i saved up a hefty downpayment &financed the rest of my breast augmentation.Long story short I was very mistreated... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Perform Breast Revision Surgeries Using EPTFE?

I had very uneven breasts. My small side was a large A cup and the large side a C cup. I had an implant on the small side and a lift on the large side... READ MORE

Natrelle Silicone Implants Rippling After 3 Months. Doc Suddenly Retired. What to Do?

I had my 1st BA 8 years ago using saline implants. I decided to have a 2nd BA on Feb 28th due to rippling, note that the rippling was only visible on... READ MORE

Surgeon Not Board Certified. Do I Need to Find Another Surgeon?

Am I stuck with finding another surgeon to reduce my 3month old oversized 450cc silicone implants? My General Surgeon Is offering Sientra's, but... READ MORE

Should I Have Revision Surgery by the Same Surgeon? (photo)

In Jan '12 I had a reduction, anchor lift and implants. 195 grams removed on left breast, 295 on right. Mentor 425 High profile silicone was placed.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision, Cannot Find Right Surgeon? (photo)

I am in a terrible dilemma. I had a BA in 6/21/11. right implant bottomed out. Do not trust PS any longer and found out he's not certified by the... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Doctor Who Is Highly Experienced in Dealing with Capsulectomies and Implant Switches?

My submucular saline implants are 2 years old. I've deleloped a cc in my left breast. It has gotten slightly worse even with taking vitamin E and... READ MORE

Using a New Dr. After 1st Surgery?

Had implants 9 years ago. The results were less than I expected. Now I am having problems with pain and hardening. Should I consult with original Dr.... READ MORE

Is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon a Better Choice Than a Plastic Surgeon for my Breast Revision? (photo)

I am having a vaginoplasty in Thailand and have decided to get my correction mammoplasty done at the same time. I have hypertrophic scarring of my... READ MORE

Highly Regarded PS in Memphis, TN

I am looking for a highly regarded plastic surgeon in the Memphis area for possible rhinoplasty and revision breast surgery. I'd really like some... READ MORE

How do I know if a dr is a double board certified plastic surgeon?

I have a CC and I have been recommended to see double board certified plastic surgeons for consultations but how do I know which ones are double board... READ MORE

One of my Breast Implants Ruptured. PS's I've Called Tell Me They Don't Do Anyone Else's Work. My PS Has Retired?

I had my BA surgery done in Long Beach, CA in 1997. I now live in Buffalo, NY & am struggling to find a PS to just give me a consultation... READ MORE

Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon to Have Implants Taken out Without Replacement? Should I See Someone Else?

I don't know what I would do without this website! I have another question about implant removal. I was supposed to have a full anchor lift but opted... READ MORE

20 year old, saline implants, placed above the muscle, don't know number of CC's.. Should I seek a revision specialist? (Photo)

I have consulted a couple surgeons, both having different opinions on the plan of action to take. Based on pics and specification of implants, how... READ MORE

When can this be repaired? (Photo)

I can't live with this! I am a monster! The surgeon had a mistake! I asked a 32C cup and now I have this! With 445 cc anatomic polytech this is the... READ MORE

New doctor or my previous surgeon? New doctor uses a variety of implants and promises me the high up fake look I want (Photo)

New dr or my previous surgeon? New dr-uses a variety of implants and promises me the high up fake look I want (see pics). My PS only uses Mentor and... READ MORE

Breast implant revision; searching for a doctor in Florida?

Hello .. I'm overwhelmed try to research for a Doctor that can put an end to this journey since 6/2012. Multiple capsular contracture ,multiple... READ MORE

Hi there, I'm wanting to have a breast augmentation. Id like 600cc! If any one has any feedback id really appreciate it?

Can any one recommend a good surgeon who does above 500cc in Thailand? I like the high set, very full on top look. Looking natural isn't a concern of... READ MORE

Need to find surgeon to fix previous surgery mistakes.

I had a breast lift w/ implants about two yrs ago. Everything went wrong. Had a top rated surgeon. I need to have them fixed. Now I'm terrified. Cost... READ MORE

Is It Difficult or Inacceptable for a Surgeon to Operate on His Fiancee

I have my breast surgery done two years ago and i'm unhappy with the result they are asymetric and i want them bigger. my fiancee is a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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