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Breast Aug Revision - 650cc HP Allergan Silicone or 550 Mod Plus Silicone or Dare I Say 700cc? (photo)

I'm looking to be a DD or DDD. Implant size now is 480cc moderate saline. I used to be 36D Currently 34D with some rippling and loose skin due to... READ MORE

If my breasts measure 14 cm each in width, how wide an implant can I have?

Do surgeons go a specific measurement less, I.e 1cm, or not really important? Can you go wider than the current breast measurement? If so how much?... READ MORE

What Size Implant Should I Go Down to for Revision? (photo)

I have double bubble and was wondering what size you all thought I should go down to for the surgery. My right is currently 425cc and the left is... READ MORE

What Size Silicone Would I Need to Equal Appearance of 350 Saline?

If I am a conservative, yet full C34 cup and I have saline 350 & 400 under the muscle--What size silicone HP under the muscle implant would I need... READ MORE

Quoted 275-300cc HP Looking for Bigger. How Big Can I Go? Would Love Profile/ Cc Advice? (photo)

BWD is 13.3cm Left, 13.1cm Right. I have been quoted 275-300cc HP, as to what will fit. I live in a conservative country with regards to implant... READ MORE

I Am 5'1 I Weigh 101lbs I Was Wondering if 350 to 375cc's is Ok for my Body?

Going to have a revision surgery due to doubble bubble and wanted to go larger not happy with my current size which is smaller I like the fake look... READ MORE

Breast augmentation to reduce the size of my implants. What's the smallest I can reduce to without having a lift? (Photo)

Currently I have saline 450cc TUBA method. I would like to go down to 350cc silicone periareolar method if I don't need a lift. I have good amount of... READ MORE

What Size Implants Second Time Round? (photo)

I Had 400cc and 375cc implants, they are high profile, silicone, placed over the muscle. I want to have them done again as I am not happy with the... READ MORE

What Size Implant Might Work for Me?

I'm 5'9", weigh 129, broad back and hips. I lost 55 lbs and am trying to gain to 150 but don't seem to be able to gain any weight. My shoulder blades... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Revision Breast Surgery Currently I Have 300 Cc the Revision my Doctor is Doing is 505 Cc?

I am worried that they will be too big but with the implant shape the next size down is 430 which I think won't be big enough I size 8 172 cm tall and... READ MORE

Breast re-augmentation: How much smaller can one usually go without being concerned about excess skin?

I am slender and originally an A cup, got 350cc saline impants (asked for B's, got F's) was reduced to 300cc silicone 10 years ago I wanted smaller,... READ MORE

Lateral displacement and Bottoming out, what would you suggest as far as a revision? (Photo)

What would one recommend to remedy these issues? They look nice in a bra and swimsuit minus the upper denting, but I want them to look nice when I'm... READ MORE

Implant exchange, how to choose and try on sizers when you already have implants?

I have 260cc HP Silicone unders and I would like to get an implant exchange to go bigger. When I do try on sizers since I already have implants in do... READ MORE

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