Children + Breast Implant Revision

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Will a breast revision with HP silicone 550cc submuscular Allergan implants & skin removal achieve desired results? (photo)

I'm a 5'7"140lb. 37 year old fit Mother and had a breast lift with Allergan high profile 265cc saline implants 6 months ago. The result wasn't great... READ MORE

Sientra 305cc moderate or Sientra 325cc moderate?? (photos)

5'3", 110-115lbs, width 11.7. 4 kids breastfed Previous saline implants 400cc under the muscle measuring a 32DDD or 34DD. Have a double bubble on the... READ MORE

I have over the muscle implants. Should I replace and keep implants over? (photos)

I had C breast with slight sag before. I have had over the muscle implants for 13yrs. I've had 2 kids since then and massive weight gain. They sag,... READ MORE

My PS suggested I go with 700cc's silicone. Is that too big? I don't want complications later in life. (Photo)

I have 4500c'so saline implants that I have had for 10yrs and I have had 2 kids since then and they are starting to get ripples on the sides so I was... READ MORE

Breast lift 5 yrs ago,since had another child. Want to restore volume in deflated breasts. Lift or implants do the job? (photo)

Had breast lift 5 yrs ago after having my 2nd child.Breasts were always a bit saggy even before kids. Areolas big. Since lift I have had another child... READ MORE

I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. Is it realistic to go to a 500 cc silicone smooth under? (photo)

I am 5' 0" 122 lb muscular 43 year old mother of three. I presently have 15 year old 275 smooth saline unders. I measure 12 1/2 and 13. I am getting... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; 15-397 vs 15-421 moderate profile natrelle implants? (photos)

Good morning, I am 5'0 115lbs. I have had large breasts (34DD/32DDD) all my life. Once I had a child and breast fed my breasts became "deflated" I had... READ MORE

I dread posting this picture. Should I do a stage 1 or 2 breast revision/lift with small implantation? (photos)

25 yr old breast implants with 4 children, all breast fed. My left outer saline implant has ruptured, MRI shows the inner silicone still intact. They... READ MORE

Should I remove all together or downsize my implants? (photos)

Hi I'm 5'2 61 kg 12 yo child got 240 cc mod 1 yr ago wanted to be a fuller B as I'm a small deflated B cup, ended up a full D.that look too big in... READ MORE

Is it possible to have small breasts that don't hang? (photos)

When I lie down, my implants go into my armpit and my chest becomes flat. I had my first implants put in after my 2nd child. Before babies, I was... READ MORE

I'm 45 yrs old w/ 3 children. Would you recommend me another Breast Implant Revision? (photos)

1st surgery 2/2014high. June 2014 had right side surgery again. Same inplant Capsul was scored cut Redo ? Just remove ?not compatable ? See him... READ MORE

I have implants 20 years old silicone would like to have removed and replaced w/ larger size. Any suggestions? (photos)

In not disappointed in where my nipples are but more the skin I see when I'm leaner I'm hesitant in having a lift due to the scarring and cutting of... READ MORE

I really want a lift and wondering if the donut lift is appropriate for me? (photos)

I had implants per recommendation by my surgeon for a lift which I ended up hating because they were huge and I didn't feel comfortable. I have always... READ MORE

How is recovery for breast augmentation second time?

Very painful recovery the first time. Nothing but Motrin seemed to help me with pain. My implants were placed under the muscle at 250cc 10 years ago.... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Breast augmentation? (photos)

I'm 35 Yr 5,6" 120 lbs have 325cc saline for 13 years have 2 kids, 8yr and 3yr.I won to do 750cc silicone,or 800cc.? READ MORE

Trying to find the right surgeon for the look I want . Any suggestions?

Im 29 5 foot 90.lbs a mom of 4. I currently have saline breast implants 700cc i feel they have deflated.I wear a 34DD got them to look natural .I feel... READ MORE

Breast keep dropping after 2 corrections wanting to know if going bigger and under muscle will correct it? (photos)

33 years old 125 lbs 2 kids. Breast reduction 10 years ago size 32b a year and a half ago had 370cc high profile gel implants put in and to follow 2... READ MORE

Which type round or anatomical, CC, and profile? (photos)

In 2008 I had inserted 295CC round MCGhan implants, as I don't like big breasts.Although I do not want a Brest lift at this point. I am 169cm, 55 kg,... READ MORE

Do I need to know what size or brand of implant I have now before I consult with another physician?

In 2004 I had a breast lift with an augmentation. I have since had children, and need to have a lift again. I was always unhappy with the result of my... READ MORE

Any suggestions on revision of the breasts post pregnancy and breastfeeding? (photos)

I have a child of 1,5y, breastfed for 5 months. I have implants of 400CC high profile cohesive gel under the mamar gland. After the breastfeeding my... READ MORE

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