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560cc Polyurethane Round High Profile Implants?

I am 5ft 6" tall and weigh approximately 160lbs and am a UK size 14. I had implants approximately 7 years ago (300cc high profile) - i was a 38a... READ MORE

I have HP saline 465cc size 34D, want to exchange for silicone to achieve 34DD. How many silicone cc will be required? (photo)

I have had the HP saline implants for 10 years and have noticed that the right breast is lower and seemingly smaller than the left and also the left... READ MORE

Had Breat Augmentation, and Am Now Wanting Bigger.

I am 5'3, 108lb.I was an A and went to a D (375(L)400cc(R) Im wanting bigger. If I got 500cc would it be significantly bigger if not is 600cc too big? READ MORE

Right Implant Sits Significantly Higher, How Many cc's Do You Recommend For My Revision? (photo)

My first breast augmentation was on 10/31/11. Submuscular, saline implants, 380cc, aerolar incision. My right implant sits significantly higher. When... READ MORE

BA Revision With Larger Implants, How Will I Know I'm Choosing The Right Amount of Cc's?

I am 5'6", 218lbs and was originally a 38A (only because could not find 40A bras) before my BA. I had saline implanted and overfilled to... READ MORE

Question about revision for capsular contracture in right breast? (photos)

Hello, I had a BA done in July 2012 and around September I noticed that I developed CC in my right breast. Im not in pain but my breast sits higher... READ MORE

I have 510 cc implants and I'm 5'8". How many cc do I need to get a full look? (photo)

I got 510 cc I am 5 8 tall . Doctor told me this was a big implant and I will be a dd cup. . My Brest look small , I am a . I want big boobs that have... READ MORE

I was wondering if the amount of CC's I recently upgraded to will give me the full look I want. (photo)

I'm 5'5, approx. 125lbs. With the 475cc round mod plus saline implants that I upgraded from, I did not feel very proportionate still and wanted to... READ MORE

Difference in going smaller versus larger by 50cc for revision?

I have read through several reviews/questions on this site and see a discrepancy- when patients ask about going larger in implant size by about 50cc,... READ MORE

Having Implants Replaced and Want a Very Slightly Fuller Look. Was 225, Will 240 Be Adequate?

Hi, i was originally a 32aaa and so 225 was about as much as i could take 10 years ago. i was pleased with results and now replacing. would like a... READ MORE

Switch to Silicone and Reduction by Either 75 or 125ccs?

I started with saline implants of 425. I had symmastia for 15 years. This has been repaired, but I chose saline implants filled to 625. It has been 12... READ MORE

How much difference in size will 90cc make?

In regards to a revision surgery, my surgeon wants to increase the size by 90 because he says the pocket will have stretched, I was wondering how much... READ MORE

10 yrs post op, I had 420cc & 470cc. I am 5 feet 115 lbs. How much cc's would you recommend to achieve size 32DD?

I got saline implants 10 years ago. The left 420 cc and right 470 cc. I wear 34 C bras but Victoria Secret measured me at 32 DD. I am getting silicone... READ MORE

What cup size will I be? Could 535cc UHP cause future problems? Will I develop CC again? (photo)

I got a capsulectomy on 10/26/16 and exchange. I had grade 3 cc in my right breast. I had 397cc MPP,  smooth round, unders. This time I went with ... READ MORE

Hi, I currently have 590cc ultra high profile round silicone implants. Would I need 200 or 300cc to see big difference?

I'm (5'3)  55kg including the implants in the progress of going down to around 52 kg. I've always had a big bum and big thighs so the 590cc are... READ MORE

Will 100cc and profile change be enough to notice a difference? (photos)

I have 13yr old mcghan 350cc mod implants that have been though nursing twice which changed the capsule . I am having a revision in 2 weeks and have... READ MORE

Would like to transition from saline to silicone but still keep same size. How many CCs?

I have 550 cc high profile saline implants (68HP-550 in Allergan/Natrelle catalog) and I am considering going to silicone implants. A doctor I... READ MORE

When exchanging implants due to capsular contracture, can I go bigger using the warranty? (photo)

I am 4 months post op and my right still looks like it did day 7. It is hard, and painful, and high. Right is significantly smaller, though the... READ MORE

I currently have 450 cc saline dual plane implants. How many CC's would it take to even out the asymmetry? (photo)

I'm 8 months post op and my breasts are uneven. I have 450cc saline dual plane. I recently went in for my consultation to correct the problem with an... READ MORE

Trade off? Saline to silicone revision: How many cc's to go up and stay approx the same size AND look?

Hi, I have salines implants 275 cc's and am changing to silicone. My chest measures 28 inches, very small back, thin, 5'7.5". I am a 32c / 34 b ish..... READ MORE

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