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What Can I Expect From Capsulectomy Recovery?

Scheduled capsulectomy/right fold lowering on 10-13.I will have a drain put in & expect to have it in for min. 5 days.what can i expect to feel... READ MORE

Revision on One Side - Breasts Now Uneven

I underwent breast augmentation last year. My left breast settled into a beautiful position right away, but the right remained much higher/firmer for... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Avoid Recurrence of my Baker II Capsular Contracture Following Capsulotomy (Scoring Capsule) & Pocket Revision?

I am scheduled to have revision surgery in two weeks. I have baker II contracture. I had 350 silicone implants placed through armpit in October 2010.... READ MORE

Drainage Post- Capsulectomy on One Breast

With drain for 7 days. drained 25 cc for the past 2 days from 1 breast only. is this still a lot? what is the cut-off for drainage, and how long can a... READ MORE

Where's my Nipple Going? (photo)

After 2 severe cases of capsular contracture, both came on less than 6 weeks post surgery, on Dec. 26, 2012 I had both implants removed and full... READ MORE

Had Revision Surgery (Capsulectomy Left and Capsuloraphy Right) Same Doctor, Results Worse? (photo)

I have 425 Mentor Silicone HP. Revision -muscle released medially and tightened laterally on left. Finally some relief of one yr of chronic pain and... READ MORE

6 months after Breast Augmentation and a revision, my left breast is uneven. Will I need another revision? (photos)

I had my first BA 6 months ago, prior to surgery both breasts were even just very small. Left was a bit smaller, didn't sit or hang lower than right.... READ MORE

What Breast Revision Do I Need? (Photos)

TUBA 11-4-10 My doctor said CC at 5/6 month post. Now it seems softer but wont move upward like the other one but hurts on the bottom. no bra hurts. I... READ MORE

Am I Lopsided After Capsulectomy and Implant Exchange to Silicone or Just Swollen?

I just had capsule removed on both sides and implant exchange to 550cc hp silicone, and now my left looks so much bigger than the right. Or is just... READ MORE

Tingly Stabbing Pain in Breast?

I recently had a capsulectomy and implant replacement in my right breast. I am having some intermittent stabbing-tingly pains now 3 wks post op. Is... READ MORE

Uneven Following Capsulectomy on Right-implant Exchange on Both?

Following a complete capsulectomy (for cap con) on my right breast, it is softer and lower than my left. As the capsule forms, will that lift and... READ MORE

Should I have a capsulectomy, capsulotomy, or just continue massaging? (photo)

I had my BA almost two years ago. Saline, sub-muscular, with 370cc in the left and 380 cc on the right. A month after, PS recommended massage for the... READ MORE

23rd surgery, 2nd day post op. Face mainly and arms hot & flushed. Anesthetic reaction? Antibiotics reaction? Hematoma again?:(?

I was discharged yesterday, after having capsulectomy on right breast and new implants to replace pips. My face is constantly hot and flushed,so are... READ MORE

Bleeding through my stitches?

I had an implant replacement 3 weeks ago. DR. performed. capsulectomy on rgt.breast because it was ruptured. 2 weeks after surgery he re-opened... READ MORE

Will my Right Side Look More Even As I Heal or Will I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

Will my right breast form a capsule and firm up eventually? This pic is 3 weeks following a capsulectomy on the right and an implant exchange on both... READ MORE

Capsulectomy After a Capsulotomy. Advice For Revision?

H-5'3 W-125. Very active & healthy. December 2009 Breast augmentation to a full B size with Smooth Cohesive gel implants (gummy). Under the... READ MORE

Swelling After Deflated Implant Replacement and Capsulectomy, When Will It Go Down For Good?

I had a saline deflation L breast replaced 1.10.12, approx. 2 weeks after deflation. During the surgery the capsule came out with the deflated implant... READ MORE

Odd shape breast after capsulectomy. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I had a revision on 1-30-14 for capsulectomy in my right & upgrade from 450cc to 600HP smooth silicone. I'm noticing the right breast that had... READ MORE

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