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BA from Over Muscle UK 38A to 38C 7 Years Ago,Got Capsular Contracture, Would Like to Go to A Large D?

I had a BA approx 7 years ago, and went from a UK 38a to a UK 38c (300cc implants). I since developed Capsular Contracture, and am going to have them... READ MORE

I want bigger Boobs! I recently got 400cc and now I want 600cc or 650cc. Is 600cc to 650cc too big for me? (Photo)

I got a BA a little over a year ago. I'm no happy with my results. I'm not happy because the left side is lower and has some indentations or lines... READ MORE

Does Care Credit Cover the Hospital Expenses when Having Plastic Surgery?

Also i am 5'5" 120 lbs & i had saline implants put in 1994 360cc....which these are small i finally can get them redone & was thinking no... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Revision to Go Bigger, What’s the Complication Likelihood?

I am getting a revision from augmentation I had this Feb 2012 (In Feb 2013). I had a large lollypop lift and 200cc implants. My results are excellent,... READ MORE

5'8", 165 lbs. I am 38C/D, 280cc saline. Can I be a 38DD with 300cc Mentor & lift?

Replacing 280cc saline with 300cc mentor under the muscle and lift. Am 38c or d. 5'8" 165 lbs could I acheive 38dd? READ MORE

If I Go Bigger on Implant Exchange, Will I Look Like 2 Balls Popped out of my Chest?

5'6"125.1st BA 1999 saline over.B sm C.Preop A.After kids , rippling and looks fake.Lost Info on BA so I'm not sure the CCs.Assuming 250-275s.Tried on... READ MORE

From C to DD implants, Do I need pocket revision or just go smaller? Do I need lift? Can liquid be taken out to save $? (photo)

I was natural C wanted D but Dr Kadz from BH gave me DD, I dislike them very much, I have side boobs I cant ever go w/o bra, they don't compliment my... READ MORE

Currently 350 cc. After 10 years I will have my boobs re-done on Dec 12th. Will 450 cc give me DD? (Photo)

Thank You for taking the time to answer my question. I'm 5'1 and ,115 lbs, I don't have any children and I had my boobs done 10 years ago .I currently... READ MORE

I got 375cc moderate plus profile saline implants in January and am looking for a revision to 480cc moderate plus saline

I'm 5'4" and 135 pounds. I got my breasts done in January 2015 and it is now September and am going in for my revision to go bigger. I have moderate... READ MORE

390cc or 420cc implants?

I currently have 330cc moderate profile and im really upset about the size so im getting them redone. I want a good difference in size and dont wont... READ MORE

Considering downsizing breast implants.

I had implants above the muscle at 34 and loved them for 20 years. I had to have a revision done about 4 years ago because both implants had ruptured... READ MORE

How soon can one go under a revision for bottoming out after having a breast lift with implants?

I had a lift with 425cc L and 400cc R silicone back in February. C to a DD, but now a corner of the implant is protruding on the inside of my left... READ MORE

I did a breast augmentation a year and 4 months ago and I'm not happy about the size. Any suggestions?

I got 275cc silicone high profile under the muscle incision through nipple. i want to do it again but im afraid of my scar getting worse and loss of... READ MORE

Bigger implants: I got breast implants 400cc, went from a large c to a d/dd. now i want them bigger!!

Hi,  i want abourt 600cc this time. i'm 73kg so d/dd does look very natural on me! what size do you think im gonna be with 600cc? READ MORE

Natrelle style 15-304cc. Went from a 32c to a 32dd/ddd even a 34dd. Is that common with that implant size? (photos)

5'0 103lbs-28 in rib cage, 12 BWD. Had a BA and lift almost 5 months ago. Started a 32c and now a 32dd/ddd sometimes a 34dd. Measuring close to 36... READ MORE

I'm getting a breast revision and wondering how to achieve the look I want? I have some consults set up soon (photo)

Im looking into a breast revision. I have saline implants with 375cc over the muscle. Im a 34 C.. I would like to be a 34 DD. Is there a difference in... READ MORE

Augmented boobs but want to go DD. What is 700cc? I got a 400cc originally put in

How big does 700cc implants typically translate when it comes to breast size when some is naturally an A cup? Also can breast implants and butt... READ MORE

Any recommendation for Bay Area plastic surgeon for 2nd Breast Augmentation?

My 1st BA was when I was 19 in AZ. I plan on getting my 2nd BA anywhere from 6 months to 1.5 years. I'm looking for a surgeon to accept my form of... READ MORE

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