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What's Involved in Replacing Old Implants with Bigger, New Ones?

What are the procedures involving the removal of old implants with capsule contracture and getting bigger implants? Can it be done in one session?... READ MORE

5 Feet, 52kg, Want To Go From 32C to Full 32D; Size Recommendations?

I am 5 feet, 44 years. After my childbirth and weight loss there was empty breast. On February, 2010 I got 300cc sillicon implant under TIVA breast... READ MORE

Second Breast Augmentation from 310cc-460cc on 5ft 4in Tall Female Weighing 118lb Age 25?

I had my first breast augumentation in 2007 with 310cc round textured silicone implant under the muscle. Loved the results but 2 pregnancies later my... READ MORE

I Am Considering Going Bigger.

I am 5'6" and weigh 115 lbs. I currently have a breast augmentation and they used 425 implants filled to 440cc on both breasts. I am... READ MORE

What Size Should I Get to Be a Full 34 D?

I currently got 335cc silicone under muscle round high profile implants. I started off with a small32a. I have breast fed in the past and was a d at... READ MORE

Need a BA Revsion After PS Mistake. Do I Need a Lift? (photo)

After having my old implants replace,my PS put uhp in my perky breast & hp in my droopy left.He was supposed to give me bigger implants to take me... READ MORE

Is replacing implants painful?

I want to know if replacing my implants will be as painfull as the first time considering that I will go from a c to a d. thank you READ MORE

Do you think the 580cc or 610cc will be placing to much stress on the internal bra sutures. (photos)

MY PS and I have decided on Natrelle Inspira SRX (UHP) implants due to my narrow size. My size options were 545, 560, 580 and 610. I'm currently a C... READ MORE

Advise on what to do when original surgeon doesn't seem to notice? (photos)

About four yrs ago had revision contour saline, over C-D to silicone, under DD & look great. First yr had popping, flexing, slight protrusion in left... READ MORE

I am wanting to increase the size of my implants. How many ccs should I go up to go from a small C to a reg D?

I currently have 300&315cc implants. I am 5'6 and 118 lbs. I want to be a regular (not full D). Just want to have an idea about what size implant I... READ MORE

Whats the average cost that I can expect for implant exchange?

I have C size saline implants since 2009 and i would like to replace them for D size silicone implants and have a lift in addition. Whats the average... READ MORE

Replacing 11 year old saline implants with silicone? Will 550cc HP or 600cc HP be too big for me? (Photos)

I will be replacing my 11yr old sailene implants with silicone in 3 weeks. I am 31, weigh 123, 5'5, currently have 420cc sailene (C cup). I want to be... READ MORE

Breast augmentation from saline to silicone. Any suggestions?

Hello, In a few weeks I will be having my current 420cc sailene implants replaced with silicone. What are the pros and cons of ultra high profile... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Mastopexy and Augmentation-Breasts completely different? Right nipple higher? What should i do? (photo)

I am getting more nervous as time is going on about the shape difference if my breasts, i have been wearing the compression band and always wearing my... READ MORE

Want to be a D. Already a full C..doctor doesn't know if he can make me a D?

I am scheduled for a revision in 10 days. I've had 3 kids; I am 27, 152lbs & 5'9. My 1st BA, 8 yrs ago, brought me from a very asymmetric small b to a... READ MORE

Considering going bigger. I'm 5'5", 115 lbs, petite, 37 years old. Is bigger a good decision?

I had a BA in 2008, 300 cc mentor silicone implants. Satisfied with size but interested in going a little bigger. I'm a petite 5'5" 115 lbs, active... READ MORE

Snoopy droopy breasts. Not settled? (photos)

I had a BA back in August 2007. I was always concerned about how my implants never really settled the way I wanted. I have one child and breast fed... READ MORE

Can I have my 3rd breast augmentation surgery (photos)

I am a 38yr old and I have done two breast augemntation surgeries.. First from size A to C then from C to D.. I am disatissfied as I wanted to go... READ MORE

Nervous about switching to high profile implants from Moderate profile implants

I am switching my old saline mentor moderate profile implants 325 overfilled to 350cc to silicone due to unhappiness with the feel and rippling of the... READ MORE

Would I need a second surgery to achieve results I want?

I was a c cup and had my surgery already but I had spoken to my doctor and he said that I might not be able to go up to a DD cup. Now post-op I can... READ MORE

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