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2nd Breast Augmentation, Going Larger. 350cc vs. 375cc?

I'm 5'2 100lbs small frame. I have silicone gel implants 275cc. I wear a 32c bra right now and its a tad too big. I want to go bigger and am... READ MORE

Revision to Have More Cleavage? Is It Possible to Make Breast Implants Closer Together?

6 years- post breast implants with saline, under the muscle- 300 and 340cc's. Everything went ok except was told there is absolutely no way to form... READ MORE

Will Reducing my Existing Implants 50cc Change the Size of my Breasts? (photo)

I have 330cc implants (filled 390cc and 375cc) and it took me from a full B/small C to a fullD/DD. This is just too big and I want to be more at a... READ MORE

6 months post-op: Can I increase size and still look natural? (Photo)

I posted previously because I feel I went too small. My surgeon did a great job and I'm trying to be realistic. I am 5'10, 128 pounds. I am 32 c/d. My... READ MORE

Is my wish boob realistic? (Photo)

My surgery is scheduled for next week. Currently have 20-yr. old saline unders and need a unilateral capsulectomy. I'm hoping to add some cleavage,... READ MORE

Reduction in Breast Implant and Areola Size

I have 450ccs on both breast under muscle, crease. Originally I wanted aerola incision & reduction ( and C cup)but doc said aerola would like fine... READ MORE

What Can I Do Now? How Soon Can I Revise This Revision? (photo)

When I was 18, I had saline implants placed under the muscle, taking me from a non-existent a-cup to quite a full C. My implants held up for 10 years... READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Too Far Apart? Too Large? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 8 months ago. I am 5'5 105 pounds. I was a 32 C. I told the surgeon that I wanted round shaped DD's. He informed me that... READ MORE

I Am 37 Year Old 122 Pounds 5'4 Getting Breast Implants Should 371cc Get Me to a C Cup? (photo)

I am getting remove my old implants of saline done in 2005 due to hardiness of them planning of having silicone instead of saline, want to get 371cc I... READ MORE

Breast Becomes Smaller when Removing Capsule Scar Tissue?

I recently had a revision for a capsule in my breast. I wanted to remain the same size when switching from saline to silicone during this process. My... READ MORE

Implant Exchange Booked 12th Feb 2013. 275cc Round Overs Replaced with 470cc Anatomical Overs. Petite Frame?

My BA is booked for the 12th February 2013.I currently have 275cc round overs, I want my breasts bigger so I am having implant exchange with 470cc... READ MORE

Will 100 Ccs in a Natural C Cup Be Pretty Much Not Palpable?

I had a BA with 300 ccs and salines but i had such an AWFUL case of stria cause by skin is really tight i guess. I didnt want to go from that to... READ MORE

I Am 5 Feet, 44 Years, 52 Kg. Can I Go for 450cc/500cc Silicon Implant. What Wiill Be my Expected Cup Size? (photo)

I am 5 feet, 44 years, 52 kg. After my childbirth & weight loss I have empty breast, On February,2010 I got 300cc silicon implant unders through... READ MORE

Can I have advice on exchanging implant size and profile & opinion on BWD? (Photo)

I'm 4 months PO with 200cc UHP round smooth silicone implants (base 9cm, projection 4.1cm). Original BWD was measured as 9cm. They bottomed out so my... READ MORE

Will Extra Full Projection Smooth Round Under the Muscle Inspiras 415 Ccs Work for my Body?

I currently have 320 cc salines under the muscle. I started with a very flat chest (acup) and am now a 32B. My diameter is 12cms. I am 5'11"... READ MORE

Had 325cc Saline Under Muscle 6months Ago,was B Now Barely C. Have Little to No Cleavage. Should I Redo?

Wanted to be a good size C or barely D. But my dr seems a little conservative. Thinking about finding a new PS & getting 400-450cc. Is this a bad... READ MORE

I'm getting silicone breast implant in two weeks and my doctor recommended 700-750cc. Do you think its too big for my body?

I am 5 ft, 115 lbs and I was a full 34C, small D when I got saline implants. Left side is 420 cc and the right side 470 cc. Now my bra fits loose and... READ MORE

What size to get to not regret-Now 36B/34C- 250 cc silicone- gummies. Had for 3 yrs and want bigger now- 5'6", 115lbs. (photos)

How high are my chances of getting the same great results as before only bigger and not sure what size? I worry about CC, my surgeon said that there... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Implant Replacement

Hello. Had implants removed (after 22 years) Felt it was overdue to change them. Had smaller implants put in, with a mastoplexy about two months ago.... READ MORE

Switch to Silicone and Reduction by Either 75 or 125ccs?

I started with saline implants of 425. I had symmastia for 15 years. This has been repaired, but I chose saline implants filled to 625. It has been 12... READ MORE

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